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Mr. Rogers In Da Hood

Once you enter his world there's no going back
It has been reported Mr. Trolley is off the tracks
A zip of the sweater and a flip of the shoe
BB King will stop by and sing some blues
His friends visit him and tell him he's got it so good
The news is out Mr. Rogers is in da hood
The doorbell rings, who is the mystery guest?
Paris and Nicole, this is going to be a mess
He asks Nicole; Whose the Daddy
She answers in a voice very sadly
It could a number of useless men
I can't answer the five questions, who, why, what, where or when
Too much pressure on the girls, so they go back to Hollywood
You cannot outsmart Mr. Roogers, he owns da hood
Barney Fife stops by for a spell
A bully has threatened him, he looks pale
Mr. Rogers grabs a bat and says bullies just aren't no good
You are safe as long as I am in da hood
Now everyone can sleep in peace
You have Andy, Barney and Mr. Rogers, the dream police
The three track down a criminal in Kryler Woods
There's a new sherriff in town, Mr. Rogers is in da hood
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