Hokey Poke | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Hokey Poke

Let's get jumpin' let's get the hops
We will stop by the package store and the junk food shop
We will party til the break of dawn
You wanna join, come on along
We have whiskey and coke
This will putall of us in the mood for the hokey poke
Pick up the babes from down the street
A shot of Crown, they won't miss a beat
There's Shania, Rita, Hope and Sarah
None of these girls will ever see fame like Irene Cara
But they are good partiers, when us men are broke
They have joined the fun, now they are doing the hokey poke
I invited some fresh young girls to the scene
They are pretty, petite and clean
The floor is opened for them to try
They don't get the hint, they never graduated from Devry
The new girls just couldn't cope
All that pressure on them to attempt the hokey poke
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