Bootylicious | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share


You are the female whose perfectly stacked
You should wear a sign that reads MAY CAUSE HEART ATTACKS
Pay no mind to what other women say
Women have their men neutered, keeping them at bey
You never fall for those smooth pick up lines
You would be in prison, if a smokin' body was a crime
Your last name is Parker, with a circle not so vicious
You get the highest rating of bootylicious
I am Sherlock Holmes, so give me a clue
A hint of how I can get next to you
If a genie granted me three wishes
I only want one, I want to experience bootylicious
Just the look from your eyes put men at your beckon call
Every room should be filled with bootylicious from wall to wall
If they could design a computer using you, there would be no glitches
You would be the mainframe, the nerve center of bootylicious
Bootylicious is in all women out there
Go on men, check them out, take a long stare
The walk, the talk, the strut and the look
Your story is all true, a non-fiction book
As you men stand at the kitchen sink while washing the dishes
Look out the window, you'll spot bootylicious
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