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Sesame Street Buns

The casting crew look at you and their minds go in the gutter
If you knew their thoughts, it would make you shudder
Ernie feels left out without his rubber ducky
Big Bird believes he can lay eggs, he tells himself maybe tonight I will get lucky
You strut around with your Daisy Dukes to tan in the sun
Every sees your exposed Sesame Street buns
Go visit Maria, she has the fix it shop
Visit oscar and and revell in his slop
Mr. Hooper allows you to run a tab in his General Store
Snuffleupagist with a snozz like that, I bet he really snores
Now you have a date with Louise in apartment 101
He is salivating as he thinks about your Sesame Steet buns
Watch out J-Lo you have a rival from the backside
Dirty thoughts cause men to approach a non Catholic Priest to confide
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new number one
Hang your head in shame J-Lo the one one on Sesame Street has the best buns
The Count counts the votes over and over all day long
Bert is on steroids, now he's strong
Get to the church, the wedding has just begun
Grover is marrying the one with the Sesame Street buns
Hearts are broken, she is no longer in the singles scene
Cookie Monster covers his depression with cookies and cream
Within a month they are divorced
Not surprised, they are celebrities of course
She is now used goods, everyone is stunned
J-Lo moves in to the neighborhood to claim the title of Sesame Street buns
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