I Got Broken Teeth, You Got a Black Eye | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

I Got Broken Teeth, You Got a Black Eye

The neighbors complain every night
All because we have our little fights
You kick me between the legs
I twist your arm, I make you beg
Then we kiss to make up
I promise tomorrow night is gonna be rough
I get out the whip to inflict punishment and pain
When you hang me by the hooks, it drives me insane
We love each other even though we make each other cry
I got the broken teeth, you got the black eye
Another window broke, duct tape and a clear plastic bag
Your pet name for me is white trash, mine for you is skag
All the dishes are broken, so you use the pots and pans
You hit me with a skillet, I bite your hand
We both come out bloodied and bruised, why ask why
I thank you for my broken teeth, you thank me for your black eye
You ask me if it's cool tonight, do I want to snuggle
I tell you as I smile, I would rather choke you and watch you struggle
When I fall asleep, you handcuff me to the bed
You tell me when I start this session, you're gonna wish you were dead
We always take turns, cutting and beating each other within an inch of our lives
No one could replace my loving wife
Guests come over, you act so shy
I wear my dentures and you put on foundation to cover your black eye
We would never leave each other high and dry
Our police mugshots reveal my broken teeth and your black eye
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