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Honey Wagon

It makes it's run in the afternoons Monday through Friday
At 3pm it will be coming your way
It's not a ride for all to enjoy
It's mainly for the girls, just a few boys
But one female's heart is draggin'
Ms. Betty ponders the question I don't know why he won't give me a ride in the honey wagon
The men that receive their ride know their ranking in the food chain
#1 rule, men get in the back, sit down, shut up and don't be a pain
A new girl started today, her name is Megan
One of the guys has to go, to open a seat for her in the honey wagon
When someone is not at the pick up area, the seat remains unoccupied
For the men there is a lot of red tape to qualify for a ride
Who will be the next guy with the right to be braggin'
Fred wants to know when will his name be coming on the list to ride in the honey wagon
Today it is running late
The honeys know it is a long walk to the gate
If it takes a man to be a prince and slay a dragon
He will do any thing for the honor to ride in the honey wagon
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