Cruisin' With My Homies On Four Doughnuts | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Cruisin' With My Homies On Four Doughnuts

Love is not the answer to every issue out there
There are choices brunettes, blondes or curly hair
So we pile in my car to go check them out
They look at us laugh and shout
I'ts so obvious what's so funny, this really shows it
Cruisin' with my homies on four doughnuts
Three homies and I are burning some gas
I am stressed, I just ran over some glass
The tires stay firm, do not go flat
You can't explain something like that
Big Bertha asks for a ride, but with her weight, the car just won't hold it
She will not be cruisin' with me and the homies on four doughnuts
Stop at the store to get some brews
Out of Colt 45 so the Bulls will have to do
We catch a nice buzz, good enough to make me smile
Fuel will be a concern in a few more miles
After the beer, we combine our pocket change
I payed for the beer and the gas, isn't that strange
Girls can now be our main focus
My tires are from a Ford, Chevy, Dodge and a Lotus
It's always an adventure with me and the homies cruisin' on four doughnuts
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