Rollin' In My Pacer | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Rollin' In My Pacer

My girl dumped me, she couldn't hack it
She said it was her or my fake leather jacket
We were together for 30 days
This jacket has cozied up to six Shaneyneys
Judy is my next target, so now I will have to chase her
I am the Mac Daddy rollin' in my Pacer
Camielle comes along and tempts my fate
Judy is now off the slate
Women need to use more self control
I am too much, I am hard to hold
Tomorrow there will be another one in line
I will not mess with her if she looks like the bride of Frankenstein
My dad is stressed, he's really working his pacemaker
I take him to the hospital, he's riding shotgun in my Pacer
The hospital will keep him over night
I buy some Mad dog 20/20, it's time to get tight
I am called the next day to pick him up
I tell him no ride, if you don't have a lid for that cup
I get pulled over for a soberiety test
The cop tells me I don't look my best
He makes me wallk the long straight line
Then count forwards and backwards between 1 and 9
He tells me my car is so ugly, he's got to shoot me with his tazer
After the jolt I am allowed to leave steady rollin' in my Pacer
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