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Bling Bling

Woke up early, about half past eight
My minds a mess so I hike it down the street,
Peek through the windows of Louis Vuitton,
In an instant my sorrows all gone.
Bags and shoes, hand stitched with LV on
Make me feel like I just ran a marathon
Why they give me the high that they do,
They touch my soul like the right guy should do.

People rushing by running by so close yet far far away
Cars and big diamond rings all detail, retail, material things.
All just bling, bling, bling, bling.

Why do I feel as shallow as a puddle
when really I know I'm deep, deeper than the sea.
Once it finally begins to shine,my other feelings just push it aside.
I don't mean for it to come out like it does,
It just happens and it sometimes is fun.

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