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.once there was a yong girl named kayla her mother had just
passed away and she was very sad but her mother left her a little
china doll there was a tag on it that said isabella kayla figured it
was just here name but it was kayla kept the doll in the corner
of her room on a little night stand the doll had little blue eye's
and bright red lip's and a big smile on it's face.kayla thought
it was a little creepy... and the first night the doll was put
on the night stand kayla went to sleep and in the morning isabella
was of the night stand and on the floor!! the doll had a dark brown
scrape on it's face on the cheek the doll had a very mad look on it's
face and was cracked on the side of its arm.that day kayla's chawawa
(max)was found dead in kayla's room and it was stabed by a pocket
knife!!! kayla was so shocked she she fanted her dad thought she
did it so he put her in a home 4 the crazy people her dad had packed
the doll (isabella) in her suit case the doll was very angry that night
kayla thought about the doll and she relized that isabella killed max
kayla was terrorfied by the doll now!! that night she here'd a voice
say la la la la la la im ganna get you. kaylya was covering her eye's
and hideing under the covers she started screaming and th doll said
dont scream kayla or ill have to get you!! so kayla stoped screaming
and it got very quiet and then the cover's were riped of kayla and she
saw the doll and screamed the doll pulled the pocket knife out of
it's dress and said (i tould you not to scream kayla now you will
be sorry)and kayla kicked the doll off the bed and ran 4 the dore....
it was locked so she ran to the window and she opened it and looked
down and saw she was way to high to jump so she turned away and
looked around the room and didn't see the doll then the doll jumped on
kaylas back and said good by kayla and slite kayla throwt and
kayla was choking and falling all around and then she fell by the
window and when she stood up the doll cut her legs and kayla fell
back words and fell out the window and died the doctors
never fingered out what happened to her the doll was given to the
father and the father gave the doll to kayla's cousin........
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