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Do you belive in magic

Do you belive in Magic

"It's a mystery is it not"? asked Max leaning on his table felling down in the dumps. His accistant Martha burst into Max's office with his coffe and newspapper.
"Martha", said Max. "Yes, said Martha putting his coffe on the table."Do you belive in magic. Martha opened her eyes ver wide."Why yes i do i do belive in magic, said Martha
For many years now Proffeser Max had been working on somthing, finding out if or if not magic existed. But it was know use after 5 years he could never find anything, but that did'nt stop him from trying to figure it out.
"Now", said Proffeser Max, "I'm going away to figure out if magic exists please proceed working until i come back" said Max. On his way to find magic he came across a magic shop and thought he'd amuse himself along the way.
But he was going to be in a big suprise, as he was walking down the street Max waved the wand from the kit, "WOOSH" went the wand...... CRASH the wand had magicly destroyed the window.
It was a mirachel he had discovered the sign of magic, "WHIPEE" sang Max on his way back to his office.
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