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Senor Jojo

Senor Jojo and the meanest warrior

High school a place of learning and work another place for people to make friends and other stuff like that to it was a very accurate place High school, it’s filled with




It didn’t occur to anyone that the strange things were going on and that it was almost the beginning of the end, of course only this one girl did and her name was called Josie [But you can call her]


Senor Jojo was a high school girl who loved life she loved to discover and her moto was: If there is something that needs discovered it will be done by me, she would always say. Strange to be, Senor Jojo didn’t have any friends she was a lonely girl
Considering she had know parents and no one to miss her.

In Chemistry Senor Jojo was working on an experiment that would destroy anything if touched but can be stopped by water instantly. At break something surprising happened a new student was entering the hallway carrying a huge football in his hand, he was probably a joce known as a warrior. People say hat he was the meanest most horrible person in the school everyone hated him even his parents avoided him whenever possible. Senor Jojo new something had to be done and was ready for instant war as always. She ran to the Janitor closet, and came out with the experiment she had made at Chemistry and planted it inside the warrior’s locker and waited for success. The moment finally arrived, the warrior opened his locker and………….
Bang Crash Boom everything in his locker was destroyed and he was as scared as anything and said, “Dam man this place is haunted, and then he ran for the hills.

And with the meanest warrior gone everyone cheered……….

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