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Emma Escapes

Emma escapes the school

It was nine o’clock in the morning on Thursday, so
Most of the time Emma and Nicola like to go to the shop. They were skipping down the alley and Nicola saying, “this is going to be great we will have lot’s of fun. On there way to the shops they bumped into a boy called Euan which is me, but I only went to the shop’s I came back for the bell to ring just in time. We all went to our desk’s all of the boy’s would be drawing madness or any other silly characters. Before I new it we were doing our math’s miss Thomson came in and explained too the teacher Emma and Nicola were not in the school and they didn’t no why. She asked us all if we had seen Emma and Nicola were in the playground, a boy called Daniel Agnew raised his hand saying, “I saw them leaving the school with Euan. That put me in a difficult position, everybody look at me and the teacher looked at me with her wide eyes and me struck with fear. The teacher wanted me too go down to the office and talk to the head teacher about what had happened 1 hour later there was a phone call to the office
Talking about that Emma and Nicola had been found at her house talking to her next door neighbours. She came back too the school very upset and she had gotten in a lot of trouble.

The End
Written by Euan Kinloch

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