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The one Things Enjoyed

The one Things Enjoyed
Most During The Holidays

1. It was a cold morning on the 25th of December I was really looking forward to getting down stairs and opening all my presents. I dashed into my mum & dad’s room with my sister, as I do every year. My dad goes downstairs to check if Santa Clause has been, he always say’s he hasn’t been but I know he’s only joking. When my mum has gotten up from her bed and put on her dressing gown my sister and I dash down stairs and we wait for everyone else to come down. We started with presents from Santa Clause. The first present I opened was the one at the top of the bag. When I opened it I was amazed to see that I had an I pod shuffle, capable of holding 250 songs and an I tunes card. The next present I opened was a bag on the top of the couch. I opened this one very slowly and when I had finally got in to it I saw that it was a “Friends” video, which I thought was great. The next presents we opened were the presents under the tree. I quickly tore off the wrapping paper of the first present that caught my eye and I was 100% amazed to see that I had received my first ever MOBILE PHONE! I was so happy. The next present I opened was also in a bag, when I opened it I was so exited, it was exactly what I had wanted, a “Horrid Henry Evil Enemies” book; it was all about Horrid Henry and his criminal friends. After we had opened all the present’s we went into the dinning room and had the best breakfast ever, it was absolutely DELIOUCIOUS!

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