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Horrid Henry and the Ice Skatig Rink

Horrid Henry and the Ice Skating Rink

Horrid Henry loved ice skating, he loved it more than football, swimming, golfing and fighting.
He could hardly wait until mum was taking him to the ice skating rink this weekend. “I’m gong to the ice skating rink with Mum” sang Horrid Henry a million times. His younger brother Perfect Peter burst into the room, “What do you want toad?” asked Horrid Henry. “I’m just ordering a pair of skates from the activity catalogue for when I go ice skating this weekend with Mum. Horrid Henry opened his eyes as wide as he could, “what are you talking about worm?” asked Horrid Henry pinching him and kicking him. “MUM” SHOUTED Perfect Peter falling on the ground. Mum burst into the room, “What is going on here” said Mum. Perfect Peter wiped away his tears, “Henry pinched, kicked and said I was a worm and I was a toad”. Mum glared at Henry furiously, “That’s It Henry I’ve heard enough nonsense, so you’re not going to the ice skating rink this Saturday. Henry stomped away to his bedroom and slammed the door behind him. “That’s it” said Horrid Henry, “I don’t really care if they go I’ll just stay at home”. He wouldn’t want to go to that place anyway if his stinky brother Perfect Peter, in fact they should call Perfect Peter the Devil. But then Horrid Henry had a spectacular most wonderful idea even he hugged himself for joy but only for a second, desperate times called for desperate measures. The following Saturday Henry snuck into the car when Mum was driving and waited until they left the car so he could escape. As soon as he entered the building he was being very careful so that Mum and Peter could not see him. “Well while I’m here I might as well enjoy it” said Horrid Henry. He went on the ice and skated everywhere and he saw a hole load of people he new their there was, Moody Margaret, sour Susan, Bossy Bill, Stuck up Steve, Lazy Linda, Icy Ivan, crazy carol, Baby Ben, minister Marvin and Soggy Sam.
As for Henry He tripped all of them up. After a while Henry’s feet became sour and he left the ice and headed for the men’s room and then stopped to have a packet of Crisps to pass the time. When Henry was eating the crisps he turned around and saw that everyone had brought there best skates for the figure skating competition that everyone had signed up for.” UUUH what a boring thing to do” GASPED Horrid Henry. Then he had an absolutely wicked and horrid idea.
Very quickly Henry replaced everyone’s good skates and put down old heavy ones. “Can I have all the junior contestants for the contest on the ice please, shouted the announcer threw the microphone. All of the contestants were on the ice but then…………………….. BOOM CRASH BOOM. All the contestants broke through the ice. “Tee-hee, whispered Horrid Henry. Mum was across from the stairs and spotted Henry. “Henry is that you, shouted mum. “OH NO, said Horrid Henry

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