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Love vs. Fear... a Childrens story

Love vs. Fear... a Childrens story by Damon Akbar

The question was once posed...Is it better to be Loved or Feared?

Which brought into being the tale of Love vs Fear.

There once were two Kingdoms with two Kings

One King ruled with fear the other with Love.

Both kingdoms were peaceful both were prosperous but only one was happy.

The King of Fear maintained peace by the constant threat of fear and punishment

While the King of Love maintained peace thru tolerance, Love, consideration and understanding.

The kingdom of Fear was a wealthy kingdom for it demanded heavy production from its citizen who were always quick to comply for fear of punishment.

The Kingdom of Love was wealthy because its citizens found joy in the jobs they loved. They worked hard and prospered because they loved what they did.

And so it was in the lands of Love and Fear

Now every quarter or so the King of Fear would turn to his accountants to check the books to see how finances fared?

This particular quarter revenues were down. This greatly angered the King of Fear. So the King of Fear in all has rage and fear, for see he was a raging

fearful sight roared

"What be the meaning of this"

The accountants quickly stated that there was a lapse in production. The King ordered the manager of production to be brought to him immediately.

The manager was bought before the king in a pitiful state fearful and trembling.

The King again roared "What be the meaning of this"

The manager tried to explain that the stress of fear made the workers constantly sick and unable to perform there duties. The words of the manager infuriated The King. The King stated that the manger had dared to insult the very philosophy upon which his mighty kingdom was based and immediately had The manager of production beheaded along with all the staff members who apposed fear and lagged behind in there duties (as decreed by The King of Fear article D section 2).

So the Kings actions had the desired effect. once again boosting revenues. But unfortunately not for long. Again after a point revenues began to lag, and again the "new" manger of production tried to state his case and again he to was beheaded. These actions caused great fear and angst amongst the people, not knowing who was to be beheaded next production suffered and revenue declined. The King being Fearful for see he was the King of Fear thought

"This is not good"

We lag behind and soon the Kingdom of Love will be mightier than us the they will turn upon us and fall greatly upon us.

The King became extremely fearful as did the citizens of Fear.

So the King of Fear came to the conclusion that something must be done he must not let The Kingdom of Love Fall upon him.

So The King in all his fearful cleverness devised a plan. He would have the King of Love Killed! So he ordered his greatest assassin to...

"Go and kill The King of Love".

But unbeknownst to the King of Fear the citizens of fear plotted to rid themselves of there King in all his raging fearfulness once and for all.

So the plot to assassinate the King of Love was to be executed during the festival of Love. Which was Sunday the day of rest when all the kingdom of Love came to sing songs and celebrate.

This day was a joyous day.

The sun shining the birds singin, but unbeknownst to the kingdom of Love an assassin had snuck in the night before. So there sat the King of Love on his throne smiling enjoying the laughter and merriment. And there the assassin of Fear spotted him and he moved closer, closer still Unclasping the strap of his weapon readying it for the kill. Fortunately for the King an observant young lad noticed the motions of the assassin and alerted everyone that there was trouble in the midst. The assassin realizing his cover had been blown quickly moved towards the king. But to his surprise as he closed in for the kill the towns people surrounded the King of Love.

There before the assassin were the young, the old, the women the men the children and all. None fearful all willing to give there lives for Love. The sight so moved the assassin that he dropped his weapon fell to his knees and began to sob. Then the good folks of Love came over to the assassin wiped away his tears, lifted him up, embraced him and did a thing unheard of in the Kingdom of Fear. They made the assassin a citizen of Love. Which in turn gave even more reason to celebrate making that day an even greater festival of Love..

Now back at The Kingdom of Fear things were not as joyous.

The King of Fear sat on his throne sullen and fearful. Sunday was the end of the work week for the kingdom of Fear and this was the day weekly wages were to be distributed. So as I had stated early the citizens of Fear had hatched a plan to get rid there king.

For see it is said that fear leads to anger and anger to hate.

And the citizens of Fear were fearful, angry and hated there king.

Now the man sent to assassinate The King of Fear was a fearful angry man. And there he waited on line for his weekly wages knowing that when he was close enough he would strike. Now the King of Fear was no fool or should it be said was a fearful person. So this meant that he was constantly flanked by bodyguards. But this did not detour the assassin as he moved closer and closer until finally his time to strike had come. He gave out a fearful scream and lunged which startled the King of Fear who fell back into his throne. The King of Fear quickly ordering his guards to "kill the assassin".

Now some say it was the scream of the assassin that froze the kings guards stiff as boards. Others say that in there hearts the guards truely hated the King of Fear and longed for the day when one would have enough courage to come and slay him.

Now which be the truth may never be known.

But what is known is that the king's guards did nothing... allowing the assassin to come and kill the King of Fear.

The assassin who in turn quickly claimed the thrown for his own then immediately had the old kings guards beheaded.

Stating that there shall be no weakness in my kingdom and all shall fear me for I amů The King of Fear!!!.

And as the "new" King of Fear roared, all across the kingdom of Fear fell silent trembling in fear. And in that silence there could be heard a sound. A sound though coming from afar seemed to blanket the whole world, and that sound was the sound of merriment coming from the Kingdom of Love. This in turn made the King of Fear fearful for he was afraid that the citizens of fear would no longer fear him and long for Love.

And so is the story of the Love vs Fear.

The End

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