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How Could it Be

Star sat up and stared at the window. How she wished she could break it somehow and
take some of the pain Toby left her with. she sighed. Her heart wretched. How could
he just do that? She sat up all night wondering how to confront him but no suietable
way came to mind.

She had only once decided to venture to his home without calling. A bit of surprise
never hurt anybody. Right? Or so she thought.But her venture had only wrought heart
ache. She didn't realise she loved Toby until that moment.

They had always been freinds. Always together to stand by the other. Yet when they
teenagers she wasn't his ideal friend anymore. She sat up for many hours in her
room wondering about his where abouts or what it is that he did when
they weren't together. It never occured to her that he probably didnt FEEL
the same.

Her eyes glistened with tears as she remembered his touch on her best friend's
back and the way he'd kissed her and stared into her eyes. She had stared
and stared at the scene through his window for ten minutes. Now she
wondered if he saw her and that made her panick a little. Even though
her heart was broken she didnt want him to think badly of her.

The tears rolled down her cheeks and made ringlets around her bottom
lip. The phone rang. Star jumped but didn't move to answer it. She
didn't want to sound stuffy.

The door was knocked. Star jumped again.

"Look Star...Its Toby. And unfortunatley for you I know you're in there
so open the door."
Star stared at the door and shook her head as if expecting Toby to hear her.
"Star?" his voice was sultry and deep. It made Star feel like she was
"I'm not in the mood Toby. Go home!" she yelled at the door then flung a couch cushion.
"Come on. I just have one thing to say."

Against her original will Star got up and opened the door. Toby's perfect body
angled and leaned into the door frame. Her heart missed a beat.
"I know you came by yesterday. And it wasnt me you saw necking with
Claudia." He gave her that devilish grin.
"Claudia who?"
"Your best friend. You know. Dont be like that."
"Well then who was it?"
Toby arched a brow at her. " I'm curious Toby."
"My cousin Thomas. We look alike from the back. I saw you running towards
the window, stop then turn and headed back the way you came form."
"Why didnt you stop me?" Star folded her arms.
"Come on Star," his strong capable arms engulfed her into a sweet embrace.
"I never would intentionaly hurt you. I love you too much to even
think something that ridiculous."

Star trembled at his whisper in her ear and the magnitude of his confession
she stared up into his eyes. They were sincere. She sighed.
"I guess I know." she nodded but a solid piece of her knew he lied.
How come she never heard of a cousin named Thomas before?

Toby leaned in to kiss her lips gently. Star succumbed to his will.

Star pulled away. " You're not fooling me Toby. I dont need this."
"Excuse me?" Toby's eyes looked confused.
"I'm not a toy so try and save me your foolish explaination. It was you
and I dont need you to tell me you love me when you've done something wrong.
Its over. Now you live with the pain."

She pushed him out of her way, slammed her door and cuddled back into
the couch staring at the window.

It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved
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