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Amit was a 17 year old boy who lived in a slum in Mumbai. He worked in a shoe factory. He lived in a small hut with his younger brother Sumit.
One day it was raining very heavily. Amit had just come back from work. As soon as he entered his small hut, he saw his brother lying down on the floor. Sumit was burning with fever.
Sumit had gone out to buy a present for Amit as it was his birthday. On the way back, it had been raining so heavily that he was stuck up in the rain and couldn’t come home. When he came back home he was shivering with cold. But there wasn’t anything in the house that could warm him. Thus, he had fallen sick.
Amit was horrified to see his brother’s condition. He couldn’t sleep the whole night. His brother’s condition was worsening. At last Amit decided to ask for help.
He begged in front of his master and asked for help. Fortunately he was a kind man. He agreed to help. He admitted Sumit to a nice hospital.
As Amit sat besides Sumit in the hospital, he suddenly remembered the past. He murmured ,
“ What have I done? First my parents and then my brother? I hate this rain. It took away my parents 2yrs back and now it’s trying to take away my brother? I wont let this happen.”
Amit’s parents had lost their lives in the floods that had occurred in Mumbai 2 years ago.
Amit and his family lived in a big flat in Mumbai. Their family always seemed to be happy. But one never knows what happens when.
Amit’s parents had gone out for some important work—
“Bye children! Take care,” said Amit’s mother.
“Amit, take care of your little brother. We will be back in the evening,” said his father.
But they never came back.
By the time it was night, Amit was worried. His parents had to come back in the evening. Why hadn’t they come till now?
Amit had called all the relatives and friends but none of them knew about their parents.
It was raining heavily outside. It had been raining for the whole day. Amit thought his parents must have stuck up somewhere due to the rain.
Sumit was also becoming restless. He started crying.
Suddenly, the telephone rang—
Sumit ran to pick it up as he thought it was his parents’ call.
“Hello Dad!” said Amit.
“No no my boy, its not your dad. I’m a police officer.
Is this Mr. Nair's house?”
“Well, I’m sorry to say this son but your parents are no more. They died in their car due to the floods.”
Amit dropped down the receiver and sat down. He sat down astonished. He couldn’t believe his ears.
His beloved parents were no more? How was that possible? But that was the truth.
Amit did not utter a single word that day. But later, he realized, he also had a small brother whom he had to take care of.

They lost all their wealth. None of their relatives were ready to take their responsibility.
Amit and his brother had to go and live in the slums. Amit also got some work in a factory.
And now he was here with his brother lying down sick besides him.
Tears came rolling down his cheeks as he remembered all of this.
Suddenly Sumit opened his eyes—
“Brother,” he said.
“Sumit, are you all right?”
“Yes brother”
“Relax Sumit, and sleep. I’ll call the doctor.”
As Amit was about to go out of the room, he overheard a conversation between his master and his wife.
“ Can’t we take them to our house, Sudha? They don't have any parents. We can take good care of them.”
“Of course! I loved them very much. They are so nice.
Amit was astonished to hear this.
As soon as Sudha saw Amit, she hugged him lovingly.
“You heard us isn’t it? So what do you think about it?”
“Oh! I’m so happy. Me and my brother would love to come to your house.”

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