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Should I take Samantha back or let her go?

I have a friend named Samantha that was very upset with me for ditching her party. This happened few years ago.

The story started when I was getting ready to attend her party but I received a phone call from another friend named Brooke who had plans to go to Las Vegas that day. Since, I don’t have the children that day; I asked if I could go with them since I haven’t been in Las Vegas. She said she would call her friend named Dinah if it’s okay to take me with them. While I was waiting for Brooke’s call, I called Samantha to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to make it to her party. Unfortunately, her husband picked up and told me she was in the shower so I told him to have her call me back.

Right after I hanged up the phone, Brooke told me that Dinah agreed and asked me to be ready in 30 minutes. I hurriedly packed my bag and it was packed pretty lightly. I was just excited to leave and see Las Vegas for the very first time. I admit that I was acting selfish and thoughtless that day with Samantha.

Few hours later, we were in the middle of the desert where you couldn’t get any signals and couldn’t make any phone call at all to check if Samantha got the message to call me back. Brooke and Dinah were also worried because we were all invited at the party and failed to inform Samantha that they couldn’t make it either.

After passing the desert, we received a phone call from our friend and she was very upset with us but mainly with me because I promised to help and show up. She was expecting something from me that was very important for her party. She was upset for a long time and I called her to apologize but what I did was unforgiving to her. My other two friends got away with it and Samantha was not even upset with them at all.

Few months later, I heard more gossip that was spreading around about another friend; her name is Latisha. Latisha spread rumors about me and told every friend of mine lies and fabricated stories and just intentionally ruined my friendship with the friends that trusted me. She succeeded and those friends were not talking to me for awhile.

While my friends and Latisha became allies; my friends found out that most of her stories were just fabricated and most of them but Samantha started coming around and learned to forget what had happened to our friendship.

Then, one day I heard a rumor that Latisha and Samantha were inseparable and they became best friends. I was shocked because when I was friend with Latisha, she would not visit Samantha when she just had her baby. Samantha always invited her to come and visit her daughter and Latisha would always make excuses. She disliked Samantha and wouldn’t like to hang out with her. I just shrugged my shoulder and told myself “Good for them”. Hope the friendship will last.

Last year, when I was at Brooke’s party, Samantha said “hi” to me and I said “hi” back. I was really not willing to hang out with her anymore because there’s still this wall between us. With all her silence treatment she showed to me for the past few years, I was determined not to talk to her anymore and not to hang out with her anymore.

She came around slowly and started emailing me. She even invited me over at her birthday lunch one time. She also invited me over at her daughter’s birthday party and my husband and I showed up. Everything was just casual. We don’t talk as often as we used to because we both have full time job. Our means of communication was just email.

Last year, I invited her to attend my children’s birthday; it was a two celebration party because their birthdays were too close together. She didn’t call and acknowledged the invitation. I didn’t question her about it. It’s not a big deal to me at all.

When we saw each other again, she just told me that she forgot my children’s birthday and I just said, “Okay, no big deal”! So we move on…. Still emailing jokes and chain emails and other stuff but not quite bonding yet.

Recently, I emailed her an invitation regarding Mother’s Day Plan. She didn’t respond to the email when she told me that she always checks her email before she goes to bed. I called her on the phone and left a message but days passed she hasn’t return my call. Is she sending me a message that she decided not to hang out with me anymore? If she continues not to respond my email and my phone call, I would not take her anymore and we’ll just have to stay as casual acquaintance from now on.

My questions still remains the same. Should I take Samantha back to be part of my circle of friends or should I just let her go?

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