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Tales of Unknown: The Trial Lawyer

Tales of Unknown
The Trial Lawyer
The year is 2020.
The technology on the earth has changed dramatically.
Deep beneath, the highways of Los Angeles, there is a military base, where scientist’s run different tests.
The scientist, whose name, is Phillip Wellington, decided to create, as these machines to help man-kind, in their daily lives.
The first Cy-Borg, that he design was called Bradley.
Bradley was design with to be one of the first creation, that the scientist, was getting ready to put an emotional chip in the machine.
A few minutes later, the scientist decided not to put the emotional chip in Bradley.
The scientist was designing artificial skin for the machine.
The machine weighed two thousand pounds and it was very difficult, to put the artificial skin on Bradley.
The machine was on a solid brass table, which was made out of steal.
So, the scientist decided to cut the artificial skin in different pieces.
First, he put on the facial.
Secondly, he put the skin on the chest; thirdly, he put on the skin on the arms; fourthly, he put the skin on the legs.
The scientist, deicide to turn the machine, around on it front side.
It was a hard task to perform.
He decided to turn the machine on and tell the machine what to do.
As soon as he turned the machine on, he told the machine to get off the table.
The machine had gotten off of the table.
Then, the scientist, put the skin on his back and then, he put the skin on the back side of his arms and legs.
Lastly, he put the skin on his buttocks and he had finally finished his creation.
A few days had passed by and the machine was responding to the scientist.
The machine was doing all of the commandments, that the scientist was telling him to do. A few more days had passed and the scientist decided to create an identity for the machine.
He had created a social security card for the machine.
On the social security card was the name of the machine and his identity number.
He had drew up some papers so that he could live as a human being and not as a machine. The scientist had the cape ability, to perform all of these tasks because, he worked for the government.
A few minutes days later, he had finish with all of the machine’s paper work and decided to help the machine get a job.
The scientist went, to the basement like structure, which had an escape route to let the machine and the scientist get in and out of the lab.
The scientist and the machine had seen a military truck and left in it, while no one notice him.
He had to find a position for the machine to go to work and be on its own.
As soon as they arrived at the small town called Grave Hunt, the scientist saw a cafe and decided to go there and ask someone who works there, if they were looking for a young man to work at that job
As soon as the scientist had gotten out of the truck, he went towards the cafe and opened the door and went inside.
They had a hand full of people were looking at him.
The town did not have a lot of people so, most of them went to the cafe and enjoy themselves.
It was a past time get together for some of the people in that small town.
Then, the manager had came out and saw the weird man and the manager was there and he asked, “What do want stranger?”
. “Are you looking for someone to work here?”, the scientist asked.
“I am looking for someone to fill my waiter position”, the manager said.
The scientist said, “I know a young man who will be right for the job”.
The scientist went back outside and get the machine.
As soon as he had gotten the machine, the scientist told the manager, “Here is your new worker”.
“Who is he?”, the manager asked, as he was suspicious about the man.
“He is Bradley Thomas”, the scientist said.
“Okay, I will ask him to fill out some information”, the manager said.
As the manager went to get the paper work, the people started staring at Bradley.
“It seems these people had not seen any humans before”, the scientist told the machine.
“I suppose so”, the machine said.
As soon as the manager came with the paper work, the scientist was helping the machine fill it out.
As soon as they had finish with the paper work, they had given it back to the manager and he review it and told the man, “I going to hire you”.
The scientist was happy and then, the scientist told the machine that he was going to help him look for a place to stay.
Meanwhile, the government wanted the scientist to finish up the project called J. J.
This project was a virus that the scientist had created and that the government wanted to get rid of certain people in the world, that did not follow their rules.
After the scientist had finish helping the machine get a job, he help the machine with find a place to stay.
It was an apartment, that was furnish, at a raged looking, five story apartment.
The scientist had went to the front desk and banged on the bell until someone came.
A few minutes later, a man, that had some rags on, came and see about them.
The scientist said, “I am looking for a place for my friend to stay”.
“Okay, just pay the first month and last month rent and I have a pretty descent apartment for your friend”, the man said.
As the scientist paid the first and last month rent, the man gave him a key and they took the stairs to the second floor of the apartment building and they found the room.
As they walked in, the room was furnished.
It smell so bad in the apartment that the scientist could not stand the odor.
The scientist told the machine, “I am going down stairs to ask the man what is that fowl odor”.
As the scientist had went down the stairs, he saw the man and asked him “What the hell, is that smell?”.
“Someone had died a few months ago and the janitor was suppose to come and clean the smell out, but he did not show up”, the man said.
“Why is the apartment still have furniture in it?”, the scientist asked.
“That was the dead man stuff, but your friend can have them, if he wants them”, the man said.
Then, the scientist went back up the stairs and told the machine, “Do not worry about the apartment, a janitor will becoming to clean it out for you”.
As soon as the scientist left, the machine did not know what to do, next.
So, the machine had decided to look around the apartment.
Then, the machine spotted a remote control to a television.
So the machine tried to work the remote control.
He put the television on and saw different people in this box like contraption.
The machine did not understand what he was seeing, so a few minutes passed and the machine saw an outlet in the kitchen, so he decided to recharge his batteries.
A few minutes later, the scientist went back and was putting his finishing touches, on the virus.
It seems no one had notice a truck missing.
The scientist went back to the secret base men like structure where he came out of and started finishing up his project.
Then, later on, the scientist had made another machine.
This machine was called Morris.
The machine that he was building, would be the one, that he would add the emotional chip to.
The scientist, decided to put on the artificial skin, on the machine.
As soon as he had put most of it, he put the machine on and told the machine to get off of the table and the machine had gotten up.
Then, the scientist had finish put the rest of the artificial skin on the machine.
The scientist had like the last machine he created.
He decided to teach the machine about law.
The scientist went to the library part of the lab, where he was confine t and get some books about law.
The scientist knew if this machine could learn about law, he could defend man-kind, against the totalitarian forces of the government.
A few days had passed and the scientist had finished with the cure to the J. J. Virus.
The scientist decided to hide the machine from the government forces that was holding him hostage.
The scientist had found, behind a door, a basement like structure, in this huge laboratory. He decided to make the machine, go into the basement like structure.
He told the machine he would have to live in this horrific site, that he was confound by. The machine did what he was told and then, the scientist closed the door.
Suddenly, Lieutenant, John Harris had knocked on the glass door of this huge laboratory that the scientist was confound in.
“Have you finish with the virus”, Harris said.
“Yes, I have and I also have made a cure for it to”, the scientist said.
“Well done, I am pleased with your work”, Harris said.
“When will I leave this retched place?”, the scientist said, in a grudging tone.
“Doctor Phillip, you are the smartest scientist in the world; we can not let you go and you will fall in the hands of our enemies”, Harris said, as he was leaving the room.
“Why, you monster, you will have chaos and disorder on your hands, you will die from the same virus, I made”, Phillip said, in a grudging tone.
Phillip knew he was going to stay there forever, but he was going to send his machine out, and let him go and put a stop, to these men and women who worked for the government.
Phillip, went to the basement like structure and told his machine to come out of there and that, he had a plan to get him and the machine out of this lab, or good.
As the machine came closer to Phillip, he had a law book in his hands.
“It is time to leave this place; I want you to break the glass door and get us out of here”, Phillip told the machine.
The machine did just that.
The machine had broke through the glass door.
The alarm went off.
The scientist and the machine was hurrying up to leave the lab, when the three soldiers heard the alarm, that went off, they rushed to find out what was going on.
The three soldiers, had seen the scientist and another man running.
So the three soldiers started shooting.
The scientist told the machine, “Kill the three soldiers!”. As soon as the three soldiers had heard that, they ran.
The machine started running after the three soldiers.
He finally caught up with them and took their guns, and it hit out of their hands, he started hitting the three soldiers with their guns.
The machine knocked them out cold and he took one of them at a time and he shot each one of them.
The machine ran to find the scientist and he was at the military truck.
Harris had seen the scientist was trying to leave in one of the military trucks and he was going to stop him.
Harris ran, as fast has he could, to the military truck and just before he gets their, the machine saw him and was running faster than him and the machine, took his fist and knocked Harris out.
Then, the scientist had started the military truck and went pick up the machine.
As the scientist had went to pick up the machine, three more soldier came running out of the lab and started shooting.
One of the soldiers had aim for the scientist’s head and shot him.
The machine had seen, what happen and ran as fast as he could, towards the three soldiers and balled up his fist and hit all three of them.
The machine took one of the soldier’s gun and shoot all three of them.
The machine had went to get the truck, which the scientist was in and drive away.
As soon as the machine saw the truck, the scientist was trying to get away, he decides to throw the scientist of the truck, because the scientist was dead.
The machine had gotten in the truck and drove off.
The machine did not know where to go but, the machine knew it had to leave that place. Two years had past and the machine found himself at J-Roc University of Law.
It was named after Jason Roberts, who was called the Roc, because, he was an overweight man.
The machine had parked in the parking lot and he saw this big building.
The machine had to find out about this big building.
As soon as he had gotten out of the military truck, he went towards, the front door, of the building and he saw people that were outside of the building.
It seemed, that these people had books in their hands and the machine could not understand it.
So, the machine went inside of the building and looked around.
He saw people going from one room to another.
So, he decided to find out what was going on.
The Cy-Borg saw a man drinking at a fountain.
The machine decided to asked the man a few questions.
He approached the man and said, “What type of building is this?”.
“This is a school or what some people call a college”, the man replied, as he was leaving to go to one of the classrooms.
As the machine looked, he knew this would be a place for him to obtain any knowledge, that he needs.
The machine, had to find a way, to get into this school, to learn more information.
The machine saw an older gentleman by a room.
It seemed that the older gentleman was waiting for someone or something.
The machine decided he was going to approach him.
As soon as he approached the older gentleman, he asked, “What are doing outside of this room?”.
“I am the dean of this school and I am waiting for a young lady, to come to my office and talk with her about her excellent grades, she has been keeping, a high grade point average”, the dean said.
“How can anyone enroll in this college?”, The machine said.
“All you have to do is take all of your shot; bring me a high school transcript; take the Assessment College Test and fill out all the required paper work from our college; since this is law school, you have to have some college credited courses, to enter this University and they grade point average has to be a certain grade point to enter into this law school”, the dean said.
So as soon as the machine heard that he walked away.
“Wait, a few minutes, maybe, we can give you a test to prove, if your worthy to enter in this law school”, the dean said.
“What do you mean?”, the machine said. “Just what I said”, the dean said, with a smile on his face.
So, the dean had went inside and was headed for his office and he went to get a test, which was in the front top draw, while the machine waited outside of the room, to find out if the machine was qualified.
As soon as the dean had gotten the test, out of his front top draw, he went to give it to the machine. “What is your name, son?”, the dean asked.
“My name is Morris”. Morris said. “Okay Morris; come inside with me”, the dean said. As the Morris and the dean walked into another room, which was not to far from, the dean’s office.
The dean told Morris to sit down at the table and for him to complete this test.
Morris took the test and went sit down. Morris, notice that they had a few sharpen pencils at this table.
While Morris sat down at the table, the dean went to his office, because he saw the young lady, that was suppose to come in, had decided to come and talk with the dean. Meanwhile, Bradley, the other machine, had just put on the television and had seen, someone government agencies, was going to the lab, which Bradley remembered.
He had to find out what had happened.
Bradley decided to leave his apartment and was getting ready, to look for a way, to get to the lab.
Bradley was running down stairs and he saw a woman, getting in her car.
He ran towards her and as he approached her, he asked her, “Can you me a favor, I need to get to a lab, please, if you do not mind?”.
“I don’t take stranger’s anywhere, but, I guess, I can take you to, the lab that, I guess you work at”, the woman said.
Then, Bradley hop in the car and so did the woman.
Bradley told her, where the lab was located and she brought him there.
While the lady was driving, she asked Bradley, “Do you work that this lab, that I’m taking you too?”.
“No”, Bradley said. “Why do you want to go?”, the woman asked him again.
“I have to find some clues, to what happen at the lab”, Bradley said.
“So, you are a detective”, the woman said.
“Yes, you may say that”, Bradley said.
As soon as they had arrived at the scene, the men who worked for the government had left.
So Bradley said, “Pull into the front lobby of the lab”.
So the woman did.
Bradley had gotten out and he ran inside.
Bradley remembered, where the scientist was working, at one time.
As Bradley went to the room, where he was made.
He had notice on the table, that they had blueprints, for more than one Cy-Borg.
He remembered, one of the blueprints, belong to creating him, because he remembered the blueprints, because the scientist had showed it to him a few days after he was created.
The other one was for another Cy-Borg.
He took a closer look and there was a name, written at the bottom of the blueprint.
The name on the blueprint was Morris.
Then, he looked at his blueprint and the name on his was Bradley.
He didn’t know who Morris was but, he was going to find out.
So, Bradley ran towards the car and he opened the front door, of the lab and ran outside. He saw the woman parked on the right hand side of the lab.
Bradley ran towards the car; he opened the door and told the woman, “Hurry up, we must leave, right away”.
So the woman put her foot on the gas and they flew out of the parking lot, of the laboratory, as soon as possible.
Bradley had to find some clues to the Cy-Borg, whose name is Morris. Meanwhile, Morris had finished his test and he had gave it to the lady sitting in the front office, just before the dean’s office.
“I give it to the dean“, ,the secretary said.
“Okay”, Morris said, then he stepped out.
Morris knew he had to find the other information as soon as possible.
So, he walked down the hall and he saw some people in a room with computers.
Morris decided to walk in and he saw, one of the desk, was not occupied.
He decided to sit down and retrieve the information on the computer.
Morris examined the computer and was trying to figure out, how he could find any information, on this computer.
Then, he notice a young man was on the internet.
Morris asked, the young man.
“How did you get into the system to find any information?”.
“Let me show you”, the young man said.
Then, the young man showed him the way to go to the internet.
Then young man told him details about the internet.
As Morris found out the information, he began his search.
He found the information he was looking for.
As soon as the class had ended, Morris decided to print the information out.
Morris had found samples of the transcript and types, false information, to make the dean believe, that the information was correct.
Meanwhile, Bradley told the woman, “I want you bring me back to my apartment and I appreciate that you brought me to the laboratory”.
“You’re welcome”, the lady said.
Bradley was confuse about the whole situation and he needed to find out who Morris was.
As he went upstairs, he started to think about, Morris.
He knew that they had a Cy-Borg out there and he wanted to find out, more information on him.
As, Bradley was on the second floor, he went towards his apartment and unlocked the door.
As it had gotten dark, that night. Bradley, went down stairs to the first floor and he had to find a vehicle for him to find Morris.
Bradley found a car at on the side of the apartments.
He decided to see, if he could start it. As soon as he arrived at the car, he looked around and he didn’t see anyone.
He notice the glass was down on the car and then, he put his hands through the window, on the passenger side of the car.
As soon as he had put his hands down to reach for the handle to open the car, he found the handle and open the car.
He hot wirer the car by putting the hot wire, which is a red wirer and the starter wirer together to hot wirer the car.
When he was finished, he took off. Bradley was headed for the laboratory.
He knew he had to find some more clues, before he search for Morris.
As he was headed for the lab, he knew that the scientist was working on a project that was called J. J.
He had to find out what it was.
As he had arrived at the lab, he saw a five guards were walking around the building. Bradley knew he had to get inside.
As he had pulled behind some bushes near the gates, which was not to far from the laboratory.
As, Bradley had gotten out of the car, he went closer to the gate and he started analyzing, the facts. He had to figure out a way into the laboratory.
A few minutes later, the five men had gotten together and started walking towards in the laboratory.
As the five guards walked in the lab, Bradley, rushed to the laboratory.
Bradley opened the front door and he saw the guards in a room, enjoying themselves.
So, Bradley ducked down and moved a quickly as possible.
The guards did not know what was going on.
So, Bradley made it towards the part of the lab, where the scientist was working.
Bradley opened the door and went inside.
Bradley saw some chemicals on another table, where the basement like structure was.
He went closer to see what it was.
Then, Bradley remembered the virus called J. J.
Bradley took the virus and he went towards the trash can, he saw and dispose of the virus.
Then, Bradley saw a closet, not to far from the trash can, where the scientist dispose of some chemicals he did not want to use.
He opened the closet and he saw some parts to make another Cy-Borg and some synthetic skin.
So, Bradley decided to put the pieces together.
As soon, as he had finished building the machine, which took him only three hours to build.
He put as much of the synthetic skin and then, he turned on the machine.
The power microchip to all of the machines was a located, in the chest area.
As, the machine started functioning; he told the machine to get off of the table and the machine did.
Then, Bradley, finish putting the rest of the synthetic skin and he saw on the blueprint; the name was Mark.
So that was what Bradley told the Cy-Borg, his name would be Mark.
Meanwhile, the five guards were playing cards.
The game that they were playing was hearts.
While, the guards, were playing their game, Bradley had seen some gas guns.
He started doing an analysis on the guns.
He knew that their were gas guns.
So he gave Mark a gas gun and he took one and Mark and Bradley went to find the guards and gas them.
As both of the machines went towards the front door, they saw on the left hand side a room, that the guards were playing in.
Bradley opened the door and then, Him and Mark shot the gas guns.
Instantly, the five guards were passing out.
Bradley had an idea to destroy the building.
So he saw, in the room, where the guards were and he saw a cabinet.
He went to see, what was in the cabinet.
He opened the cabinet and he found some matches.
He took a box of matches and on the side of the cabinet their was a tank fill with gas. Bradley started anal sizing the liquid material.
He knew it was gas.
He took the tank filled with gas and he told Mark to threw, the gas everywhere in the laboratory, because he was going to burn the lab down.
Mark took the gas and he went throw, the gas throughout the laboratory.
Mark had went down into to the basement like structure and as he went inside, he saw on his right hand side, some parts to make some more machines.
He put down the gas and started to pick up some of the pieces.
Mark saw a door way, on the same side as the pieces of the machines were.
So, he went towards the door and opened it.
He notice on the side of the doorway, they had a van parked outside, the van was parked on the side, where the back door was close at hand.
So, he went towards the van and opened the back door and put the pieces in.
After that, Mark closed the van and went inside.
Mark had went back inside and finish, pouring the gas on the last place, which was the basement like structure.
After that, Mark ran up stairs and he was going to find Bradley.
As soon as Mark found Bradley, he told Bradley, “I finished throwing the gas all over the lab”.
“Okay, it is time to leave”, Bradley said.
“I found a back entrance through this basement Like structure”, Mark said.
“Okay”, Bradley said and then he threw the match on the floor and it lit up and started to burn everything.
Mark and Bradley was running towards the basement like structure.
As Bradley and Mark headed out of the door, Mark yells to Bradley, “Hay, brother, get in the van!”.
So, Bradley had gotten in on the passenger side, while Mark had gotten in on the driver’s side.
Then, Mark saw some keys, on the floor of the van and he picked it up and put it in the ignition and took off.
While, the two machines were leaving, Bradley said, “We have to find sanitary”.
“Where we will find sanitary?”, Mark asked.
“We will head to the out part of Grave Hunt. Mark started driving, as they were headed out of the town.
Bradley had saw a shack in the field.
“Mark gets go to the shack in the field and we will stay there for a few days”, Bradley said.
Then, Mark drove to the shack in the field and when they arrived at the shack, they had gotten down.
The two machines stayed there for five years.
As time flew by, Morris had graduated from Law School and was working for Jerry Enterprise, which was the largest law firm in the state.
The law firm had computer, that had voice implants.
Anyone could talk through the microphone and the computer would type all the information for you.
In the year 2020, everyone has cell phones, which everyone can see the person they are talking too; everyone has a house that is computerized.
If one wants the lights on, all one has to do is say the lights on.
The security systems have been placed in every house hold.
The world’s technology has increased and the when one goes to church, to depose money all one has to do is insert your credit card through a machine, which is in the back of the church.
Cash and checks is still around, but many people have chosen credit cards to get the things they need.
Life is still hard and it is a struggle but the people have gotten use to the new technology. Morris was seating at his desk and then, a lady came in and she said, “I am looking for a lawyer who can help me out; my husband does not want to pay his child support and I am frustrated; I need your help to catch my husband and make him give me my child support, for our child”.
“Well, you have came to the right place; I will help you find your dead beat husband and I will help you get the monetary value you desire”, Morris said.
“Thank you, I appreciate it”, the lady said.
“All you have to do is see the secretary, she is in the lobby, where you entered and she will get you all of the paperwork, you need to fill out”, Morris said.
“Thank you again; I don’t know your name”, the lady said.
“My name is on the door; I am Morris King”, Morris said.
Then, the lady had gotten up and headed for the lobby.
Morris had gotten u p and close the door and said to himself in a low tone, “These humans, are so stupid; they marry each other; then, they divorce each other; these foolish men in the world; they do not know who I am, but they will surely found out”.
As he said that and then laughed.
Morris decided to turn on the television which was in his office and he turned it on the news program.
The stories were about police officers who need a raise; teaches who were getting laid off, as well as many people were .
A lot of people were becoming homeless; hungry and looking for dead end jobs, to survive.
The people of the world were angry with the politicians.
They wanted justice.
The prisons were over loaded in every country of the world.
To relieve the criminals; the Senates and the Representatives, had passed a law, where they would send the criminals to war.
War had broke out in different countries and the people were protesting.
It seemed the world had been town up-side down.
Morris had seen these events occurring on television.
Morris said to himself, “These pathetic humans are a waste of skin; they are not like me; a cybernetic human, who has a central processing unit, for a brain, while these humans had a organ that is call a brain; I have electronic devices through out my system, which are like nerves to these humans; these humans have blood that flows through their bodies, while I have circuits, that are attached to my central processing unit, that makes my whole mechanical devices work; I do not have cell formations, as these humans; I am a metal skeleton over living tissue”.
A few minutes later, Morris opened his door and he was going to find that lady and talk with her.
The lady had just finish with the paperwork.
As she was handing the papers to the secretary, Morris had just arrived in the lobby. “Mister Morris, I didn’t expect you to come and see me out”, the lady said.
“We need to talk; how about lunch, to discuss your case”, Morris said.
“That would be fine”, the lady said.
So, they both went outside and was headed for the parking lot, where Morris had his truck parked.
As soon as they arrived near his truck, Morris had unlocked the door, of the passenger side and he opened the door for the lady.
“I didn’t think they had any gentlemen left in the world; I was looking for a good man, but, it is hard to find them”, the lady said.
“That is intriguing”, Morris said, as she had gotten in the truck and he close the door. Then, Morris went on the driver’s side and unlocked the door and got inside.
He put the key into the ignition and started the truck.
“My, you have a nice truck”, the lady said.
“That is very kind of you to compliment my vehicle”, Morris said.
“You are very weird”, the lady said.
“What do you mean?”, Morris asked.
“I don’t know it is something about you; I can’t put my finger on it”, the lady said.
“Why would you want to put your finger on something?”, Morris asked.
“It is just a figure of expression”, the lady said.
“Okay”, Morris said, as they took off.
“Here is the story I will present to the judge; I say that your husband did not want to take any responsibility, for his actions as a father figure; I will say to him, that he is unworthy of being a man; I will say to him, the man that had sexual relationship with you is an atrocity of a human being; he is beneath the system; he is without justice and honor and he must pay for his irregular behavior”, Morris said.
“Are you being a little cruel?”, the lady said.
“I am telling you, in your own words that he is not fit to be a father”, Morris said.
“I didn’t say that”, the lady said.
“You say that you wanted me to help get your monetary value from him; in other words he is a dead beat father”, Morris said.
“Who are you?”, the lady said.
“I am your attorney”, Morris said.
“You are freaking me out”, the lady said.
“Why do you say that?”, Morris asked.
“I don’t know it is the way you speak; you speak as though you are some type of machine”, the lady said.
“Do you think so?”, Morris asked.
“I don’t know”, the lady said.
Then, Morris saw a dead end alley, so he drove in and stopped the truck.
“What are you doing?”, the lady said.
“Listen up, lady, you are going to do what I tell you to do”, Morris angrily said.
“Or what?”, the lady asked.
“Or I will make sure you do not make it in to court”, Morris said.
“Are you threatening me, sir?”, the lady asked.
“You better think twice, before, you screw all of this up for me”, Morris said.
“I don’t have to take this mess from you and nobody else”, the lady said.
“No, you do not, but, I will have to excuse you from being in court”, Morris said.
“What do you mean?”, the lady said.
“I am self-regulating human machine and I am going to kill you, worthless human scum”, Morris said.
Then, Morris took his fist and struck the lady on her head and killed her.
Then, Morris went around the passenger side and opened the door and took the lady’s body out of the truck and he saw a big trash can and decided to dump her body in the trash can.
After Morris had done that he looked around and went back to his truck.
He went close the passenger’s door of his truck and went around the driver’s side of the truck and gotten in and closed his door of his truck and he back up and took off.
Morris was headed for his office.
He knew he had to find away to explain, if the lady’s name came up, whatever happen to her.
Meanwhile, Bradley was getting charged up and Mark was outside near the van, putting together the parts to make another Cy-Borg. Mark had finally finished.
He was looking on the blueprint for the name, at the bottom of the blueprint, which was on the left hand side, he saw the name Kevin.
Mark decided to put the synthetic skin on the Cy-Borg. After he had put majority of the skin on, he had turn on the machine and asked the machine to get up.
So, when Mark turn on the machine and told the machine to get up, the machine had gotten up and Mark finish put on the rest of the skin.
Meanwhile, Morris was back at his office and then, a woman had came in and asked for his help.
“I needed an attorney to help me; my husband and I are getting a divorce and I need a lawyer to take my case”, the woman said.
“I will be glad to help you”, Morris said.
“My name is Sarah Jennings and my husband name is James Jennings; I sure he went to a lawyer’s office to pursue his case, so I decided to come here to this law office because I work not to far from here”, the woman said.
“Well, Mrs. Sarah, I will take your case on and I will deliver justice in your favor”, Morris said.
“Thank you, are a kind man”, Sarah said.
“Yes I am; so all you have to do is go and get the paperwork from the secretary’s office and she will give you some papers to sign”, Morris said.
“Yes, thank you again”, Sarah said, as she was leaving.
As soon as she left Morris’s office.
Morris closed the door and started talking to himself, out loud, “I am a kind man”, as he started laughing.
“I am the only one that can help you on your journey and I am the master in your life, you foolish humans, I will take what is mine and I will destroy all of you whomever gets in my way”, Morris said, as he started laughing again.
Meanwhile, Mark had finish creating Kevin and Mark told Kevin, “I need you to stay hidden in the back of the truck, so I will find some more pieces to create another Cy-Borg, I want to create as many as I can”.
So, Kevin hid in the back of the military truck.
Bradley had just came out and he told Mark, “I just saw on the television, someone was murdered, I need to get to Grave Hunt and see if I can find the killer”.
Mark and Bradley had gotten in the truck and started driving.
Meanwhile, Sarah had went down stairs getting the documents from the secretary.
Morris had decided he was going to leave his office and see about Sarah.
He was going to find out, if she would do what he wanted her to do.
He wanted to take this case to trail and he wanted her, to say what, he was going to tell her. If she would not cooperate with him, he would kill her.
“I won’t be able to fill out all of the paperwork, I was hoping I could take it with me”, Sarah said.
“Sure, why not”, Morris said.
“Thank you again”, Sarah said.
“Not a problem”, Morris said.
As Sarah walked out of the building, the secretary was looking at Morris in a strange way.
“We do not allow our paperwork to leave the office”, the secretary said.
“Well, there is a new policy and I would like to see you in my office”, Morris said.
The secretary was leaving her desk to go with Morris.
As soon as Morris and the secretary had gotten to Morris office.
Morris had closed the door.
“You may sit down”, Morris said.
“Okay”, the secretary said.
Then, Morris was coming behind her and put his arms around, the back of her neck and he said, “Let me tell you something, you will never dictate to me what I can and can not do, you will never see the light of day”, Morris told her, in an angry voice.
Then, Morris took his arms around her and he pulled her seat close to him and turn her chair with her around.
Then, Morris took both of his hands and he placed it on her neck and he crushed her neck bones.
After Morris had killed her, he had to find away to dispose of her body.
So, he turned around and he saw a closet.
He immediately picked up her body and he took her body to the closet and he stuffed her in the closet.
Morris knew he had to come up with a plan to make his bosses, not suspicious of him. Morris decided to go down upstairs and he was going to see his one of the men who owned the building.
As he went upstairs to his bosses office, he was thinking what could he say to him.
Morris was in a panic state of shock.
When he arrived at his bosses office, he knocked on the door.
One of his bosses told him, “Come in”.
Then, Morris walked in. “Morris it is nice to see you”, The boss said.
“Yes, Ezekiel, I need to talk to you”, Morris said.
As Morris started walking closer to Ezekiel, Ezekiel had notice something was on his hands.
It seemed to be a reddish color so Ezekiel asked him, “ What is on your hands, Morris?”. Morris had raised his hands and he saw the blood was on his hands.
Morris decided to go close Ezekiel’s door.
“Why are closing my door, Morris?”, Ezekiel asked. “I will never let you tell anyone what you saw”, Morris said, in an angry voice.
So he stared going towards Ezekiel.
As Ezekiel was getting up, Morris was headed closer to him.
Morris balled up his fist and hit Ezekiel.
Morris had broken all of Ezekiel’s rib cage.
Then, Morris said to himself, “I have to burn the building down; they know who I am and they will come and kill me, but, I will kill them first”.
Morris had to find some way to burn the building down.
He started thinking, he would need some matches and some gas, to burn the building down. Morris had went down stairs.
He was going to get some gas and get some matches.
He knew that no one get in Ezekiel’s office.
So as he left Ezekiel’s office, he turned the knob on the door, so that it could lock the door, then he left.
He went down stairs and then he went towards the lobby.
Jerry was in the lobby.
Jerry was one of the owners.
Jerry and Ezekiel had owned the building called Jerry Enterprise.
Jerry has saw Morris come down stairs.
“Morris, do you know where the secretary is?”, Jerry asked.
“How should I know, where she is”, Morris said.
“Is there something wrong, Morris?”, Jerry asked.
“You are my problem, you pathetic worm, I can’t stand you humans, you try all the time to test my patience; you take everything in this world; you destroy everyone in this world and you will not take me down; all of you humans are leaches; you drain everything and now I must drain all of you”, Morris said in an angry tone.
Morris walked fast, towards Jerry and knock him out.
He had killed Jerry. Morris took Jerry’s body and he went to Morris’s office.
He put Jerry’s body on the floor and he locked his office and he went outside towards the back, where the parking lot was.
Morris went towards his truck and he had unlock his truck was headed for a retail store. As soon as Morris had arrived at the retail store’s parking lot.
He had found a place to park and before he had gotten out of his tuck, he had to think about a plan that would get him out of this situation.
Then, Morris got out of his truck and he was headed for the main entrance to the retail store.
The retail store was called The Mayo Chain Store.
As Morris walked in, he asked the guy, that was sweeping, one of the departments on the right hand side, “I want to know where are the matches and a gallon to I can be able to put gas in it?”.
“You can find them in Department Number Five”, the guy said.
As Morris headed for that certain Department Five, he knew that someone might be able to find out who he really is.
Morris could not take any chances.
He took one gas gallon and he took five boxes of matches.
As he was headed for the check out line, he was still thinking about what he had done.
As soon as the clerk finished checking out the customer, that was in front of Morris, then, it was Morris turn.
So Morris put the items on the clerk’s counter and the clerk started ringing him up. Morris started digging in his back pocket, for the credit cards that he used.
In the year 2020, their is one company called J-Roc’s credit card corporation.
Everyone can apply and majority of the clients do get this type of credit card, because, of the lowest interests rate.
It is 3.9% annual rate, as long as you keep the credit card.
In return, the customer’s get a discount rate on going out and using the credit card.
Every customer gets twenty percent off of every purchase you make.
So instead of paying the full amount, the customer pays a certain amount after the twenty percent as been taking off.
The credit card even gives young men and women a chance to apply for a grant for going to any school.
As Morris took out his credit card to pay for the items, the clerk told him the amount and he gave the clerk the credit card to charge the items on it.
As soon as he had paid for the items, he left.
Meanwhile, Bradley and Mark were on their way to Grave Hunt.
It seemed that they were twenty miles outside of the city limits.
As soon as they both arrived in the city, Bradley had to figure out, what he was going to do, when he would find Morris.
As they passed a retail store, it looked like Bradley had seen a man that was getting into a truck. Bradley thought the man looked suspicious.
The man had just gotten in his truck and started up and then, he was getting ready to leave the parking lot.
Bradley told Mark, “I need you to pull into to this lot, it looks like I might have found Morris”. “Okay”, Mark said.
As they had arrived in the parking lot, the man started his truck and he was getting ready to leave.
Morris, saw a military truck pulling into the parking lot.
Morris looked at the truck and old memories, were coming back to him.
He remembered, that, he had to kill these men.
He remembered, that, the scientist had told him, to kill each one of them.
He was thinking, that, they were after him.
Morris had turned the ignition off and had gotten out of the truck.
He was standing on the driver’s side of his truck, waiting, until the military truck would come his way.
As soon as the truck had approached Morris, he had seen in the truck, two men.
Morris started analyzing, the two men.
It seem that they did not look like any military officer.
So he decided to find out who they were
. He started flagging them down. As soon as Mark and Bradley notice him, they stopped on the side of Morris.
“Who are you men?”, Morris asked.
“I am Bradley and this Mark”, Bradley replied.
“Do you work for the government?”, Morris asked.
“No”, Bradley said.
“Who are you?”, Mark asked. “I am Morris”, Morris answered.
“So you are the one, that I am looking for, I am also a Cy-Borg, like you”, Bradley said. “What do want from me?”, Morris asked.
“To stop you, from destroying, every man-kind in the world”, Bradley said.
“What do you mean?”, Morris asked.
“I heard on the news, that someone had killed, some military officers and then, later on, a lady had gotten killed and they way the news anchor describe it, it looked like, a job, that a machine would do”, Bradley said.
Then, Morris hurried up in his truck and started the ignition of his truck.
He was getting ready to run from them.
Bradley knew what he was up too and told Mark, “Get ready, Morris is taking off and we will cut him off”.
As soon as Morris took off, Bradley and Mark was right behind him.
They were leaving the parking lot and headed for the highway.
Morris was thinking, about a short cut through the alley, where no one hardly ever go.
He knew he had to lose them some how.
As, Morris turned into the alley, Bradley and Mark was not to far behind him.
Morris had turned off the ignition, to his truck and had gotten out.
Mark stopped not to far from the truck and Bradley had gotten out.
“What will you do to me?”, Morris asked.
“You can not hurt any humans”, Bradley said.
“They are fools in this world, we as machine, should take over this planet”, Morris said. While, Bradley was getting closer to Morris.
Mark went in the back, to get Kevin.
“I need the power cords, that is in the truck; we will shut Morris down and take him somewhere, where Morris, want hurt anyone”, Mark said.
So as Kevin and Mark had taken the power cords out and they were going to zap Morris and stun him.
“Please, we are machine and we should not be quarreling, with each other, it is the humans that have to pay”, Morris said.
Then, Mark and Kevin had ran to Morris with the power cords in their hands and as soon as they had gotten to Morris, they zapped him.
“What is going on?”, Bradley said.
“We have neutralize him for a while; we have to take him somewhere and figure out, what is going on, in his circuitry”, Mark said.
“Yes”, Bradley said.
Then, Kevin and Mark had taken Morris, and put him into the military truck and Bradley was right behind them.
Kevin and Mark had put Morris down and opened the tail gate of the truck, then, they picked up Morris and put him in the back of the truck.
As soon as they put Morris in the back of the truck, Kevin, Mark and Bradley had went into the front of the truck. Bradley asked Mark, “Who is he?”
. “He is Kevin and I made him; do not worry, it is okay”, Mark said.
Kevin opened the passenger side of the truck and had gotten in, while Bradley was right behind Kevin.
Mark was getting on the driver side of the truck and as soon as they had gotten in, Mark took off.
It seemed, that Mark was taking all of them, out of the city limits and they were headed for, that old shack, which, was outside of the city limits.
As soon as they had all arrived at the shack, Kevin and Mark had gotten out from the driver side and they were going to take Morris, out of the back of the truck.
As, Bradley had gotten out of the military truck, on the passenger side, he started thinking.
Bradley knew that they had to leave this town and headed for another city.
As Bradley started walking towards the shack, he had to tell Kevin and Mark about leaving this town.
Mark and Kevin were in the shack, diagnosing the problem with Morris.
As Kevin opened Morris chest, he notice a chip that was coming off.
“Mark, do you see this microchip, that is hanging out of Morris’s chest plate”, Kevin said. “Yes, I do not know what it is”, Mark said.
As Bradley came inside, Mark went to see him and asked him, “What is this chip that was inside of Morris?”.
“It is the emotional chip, the scientist had made, I can not believe it was inside of Morris”, Bradley said, as he looked puzzled.
Then, Bradley put the emotional chip in his pocket and he told Kevin and Mark, “We have to leave this town; these humans will found out about us and we will be destroyed, so get Morris in the truck and we have to leave, now”.
So, Kevin and Mark put Morris chest plate together and they picked him up and went towards the back of the truck. Bradley was right behind them.
Kevin and Mark had put Morris down and they both opened the back of the truck.
As soon as Mark and Kevin had put Morris in the back of the truck, all of them had gotten in the truck and they were headed, out of town.
Mark, Kevin and Bradley didn’t know where they were going, but they knew they had to leave town and go into another part of town, where they were not known.
A few minutes later Morris was getting up and he saw, he was in a military truck.
He looked around and saw some men in the truck.
“Where are you taking me?”, Morris asked.
“Do not worry, were are machines like you, so you do not need to worry, I am Kevin, and I sure you know Bradley and Mark is driving the truck; we are leaving the city called Grave Hunt.
I sure you never want to go back”, Kevin said.
“Yes, I never wanted to go back ever again”, Morris said.
“Do not worry, Morris, we will be going to another place, where man-kind does not know us and will not find us again”, Bradley said.
“Where are we going?”, Mark said.
“Do not worry, ever we go, we will never be bother again, I promise you that and then we can start making more machines like us”, Bradley said.
As they were leaving, Bradley knew it could never be like it was, when he was working at a job.
He knew man-kind would never except them.
So he had to think of a place where man-kind would never hurt any machines that they will create.
As the sun was going down, Bradley saw, an old abandon where lab.
“Mark pull in there and I will get out”, Bradley said.
Mark had pulled into the parking lot.
As soon as they had stop the truck, which was not to far from the front door, Bradley had gotten down.
“I want all of you to wait for me, in this truck, I will be back”, Bradley said.
As Bradley had gotten to the front door, he tried to opened it.
It seemed that the door was unlocked.
So, Bradley went inside.
He notice that it was a lab, that was similar to the laboratory, he was created in.
He went further in the lab.
He had saw pieces of parts, that he could make some machines.
As he opened the door, he walked back to the truck.
He opened the door, on the passenger side and told the others, “You can all get down, we have some parts that we can make new machines with these parts I found”.
So they had gotten down and they were headed for the front door.
As soon as Kevin, Mark, Morris and Bradley had walked in.
Bradley had locked the door.

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