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I'm Free

I had two dreams last night. The first night you were with another women
Not me. The joy and love that was in your face for her.
She was everything that I was not. The weight I gained she had lost it.
The brightness in her eyes the way you and her body
connected. It made me remember the days of hope and the love u showed
for me. But this was different. It seemed like this is what
you wanted all along. And I was just the woman who gave you too much of me.
Children a house and family, hardwork. The next night same woman in my
dreams she showed you fun, happiness, and friendship.
What happen? Did I take you for granted? Did I love you too much?
Or did I expect to much from you? I would like to say I'm sorry.
If I pushed you to much over the limit but who cares I'm free.
I found myself the dreams could have been my subconsicous.
Before, with you I could not find me. I have the ability to love someone
with my heart knowing who I am first without loving with hurt and distress.
I didn't regret and I wasn't a afraid to let someone else in.
I think it helped and matured me. I'll never be afraid of happiness
and peace because it's there and made it work for me.
I'm free.
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