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The Kiss

The ordinary day together began to turn into a special awareness. It wasn't the conversation itself, nor the words between them. Instead, it was the mood and the uncanny way their thoughts were being exchanged.

Balance and consideration were equal in their expressions and the flow of the dialog was easy and inviting as the warm sun of the afternoon started to move towards sunset.

In the twilight hours the moment came when they spontaneously closed the distance between them to embrace and kiss. The kiss said it all.

This kiss was the binding tie between their souls. They lost track of time as this first kiss joined their Spirits into one, their minds into unison, their hearts now beat in-tune.

Only the sense of touch in their lips kept them in that new realm. In that place and time they lost track of all else around them, but found themselves complete in this way.

What seemed forever was in reality only a short span of time. Time takes on new perspective and alters the world of reality when a special kiss is invoked. They were not aware of that before, they are now.
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