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The Crawler

She finds herself in a position she does not like. It is frustrating to be face-down on the floor. The floor offers nothing except to restrict her movements.

She lifts her head and looks across a vast distance she cannot reach. Even something an arms-length away is too far to move. In many other ways she can control her body, as long as it remains in one place. The imprisonment of being face-down on the floor is intolerable, there must be something she can do.

She encounters this adversity every day. Each time she flails her arms around to no avail. Her arms and hands can do some amazing things she discovered, but they are useless to move her while swinging in the air. The frustration is not nice, but it motivates.

She does seem to understand that she can push against this hard floor. But she only moves up and then plops back down. She wants to move—forward!

For many days and weeks she finds herself in this same fix. The desire to go anywhere but where she is, is tremendous, but all she can do is go up-and-down. Maybe if she raises herself higher it will help? At least it's a sign of ambition!

One day she raises herself, like she has many times before now. This time she begins to lose her balance and in the attempt to remain up, she falls—forward! A discovery!

There is some kind of secret connection with being raised up and falling forward when her hand slipped away. Maybe she can repeat this new fact? She raises herself up again and in the attempt to slip her hand, instead, she moves it to retain her balance, discovering she has moved ahead!

This is something to ponder. Somehow being raised and moving an arm causes the rest of the body to shift in the same direction. Can this be repeated? What happens if I do that one with arm and then the other? Lets see!

With newfound fascination she breaks the bounds of the stationary position. She is mobile now. She can get from one place to another on her own. No one can hold her back now.
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