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Blind Reasoning

He picked her up at her home for the date that evening. She was not anyone special to him at that moment, but that was about to change.

She was eager to be with him. She had set her sights on him for a long time, now he was there, next to her. How would this evening unfold she wondered?

The answers for that evening for both of them would be revealed. Those answers would be interpreted differently between them. All they realized as that first night ended was that this would be the first of many nights together for a long, long time.

They fell in love, deeply. They spent many days together talking and going places. They expressed their love for each other openly to others. They made promises to each other. They made plans.

A time came when they had to be separated for extended periods of time. The longing for each other was intolerable. When they could be together, they spent most of the time alone with themselves. They explored deeper expressions of their love for each other.

Then one day, the distance between them started to increase in so many ways. It was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Then the end came not long afterwards.

The years passed between them. An ironic encounter led him to her. He didn't know why, but he had to see her again.

They met under the strangest of circumstances. The look exchanged in their eyes between them was as it had once been years before. He did not say the words in his heart, nor she.

They could have spoken the many words they had always wanted to say. Instead, they spoke words they wish they hadn't. They parted and never saw each other again.

The blind reasoning he had for seeking her out was not understood until a long time afterwards. A fool cannot see clearly, it seems. A wise person would know all along because wise people were once fools themselves...
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