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Once So Easily Forgotten

As a child, she dreamt of a place of refuge, somewhere far away from where she lay. It was only a simple dream at first, but at every opportunity she added to her dream and waited for the years to pass.

It was a hard life for her. She was expected to comply in so many ways to the adult demands and expectations placed upon her. Mostly she was too young to understand the pressures she faced. Again it was her dreams where she found escape, but her dreams didn't last long enough during those intervals.

She grew and her natural beauty revealed itself as she reached puberty. She soon recognized the attraction she had over boys. She was an explorer with her charms, an adventurous personality. By her mid-teens she had discovered so much and was learned beyond her years in the knowledge of the effect of her embraces.

Still, her dreams would have to wait many more years to be fulfilled. She had the skill of influence and the desire to entice. Engaging in romantic exchanges became a favorite pastime. The curiosity of the opposite gender was intriguing and the explorations of those opportunities to be with another became part of her ways.

The lessons learned in her relationships were not shared by her. She kept them secret along with her motives. Outwardly she appeared shy and innocent. To those who delved just under the surface of that facade, they found a worthy challenge.

Most of the time this young woman held most of the advantages. She had acquired the patience to attract and the instantaneous way to cease the result of the attraction as a measure of emotional control. On rare occasions, a few discovered the approach to reach her full passion, which was quite considerable in scope.

She did know how to love. That emotion was reserved to the fewest of the few. If someone got too close to her heart, she knew how to end it. The cost to the lover was not a consideration. Lovers were an expendable commodity. They didn't fit into her dream yet.

As an adult she encountered a situation that was not so easily dismissed. Nonetheless, she found a way to extricate herself and eventually make her dream come true.

Part of her dream brought to life required her to dismiss the past, or at least disguise the path she took to reach this new phase of her life. The truth was also an expendable commodity—almost anything was discarded to keep the dream real.

This period of "second life" lasted for a long time. She was enjoying what she had worked so hard to get. She had forgotten what it emotionally cost others to finance her lifestyle. Memories it seemed, were also an expendable commodity. It seemed that she could recreate her own existence after-all. She was the center of her world now, she was safe from the past—her past.

One day she discovered that while she may have forgotten about her many footsteps in life, there were others who did not. She couldn't redefine reality for those recollections. She couldn't dream those truths away.

The complexity of life and experiencing relationships with so many before brought forth a new reality for her. Not so easily forgotten are the effects of her wake amongst them. What lies ahead is a mystery in so many ways. Maybe the truth will set her free?
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