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The Parallel World

He was a curious man, always reading and learning. The enjoyment of stretching his imagination with new knowledge was one of his favorite pastimes.

A sensitive man was he. He could look into the eyes of another and tell how they felt about him. He was sure he could send his deeply held feelings into another's eyes in return, when he felt it was proper to do so.

Friendships came easily to him as he aged. Always willing to help another, he had no expectations in return. In his youth, his expectations were dashed by a variety of situations with unhappy endings. Expectations were not part of his path as a consequence.

In most people he saw the good in them. His smile initiating theirs was a redeeming trait for him. People felt as ease around his presence, they liked him.

Stories were a favorite way to relate his knowledge to others. Sometimes the stories were short, more often, they were long. He told his stories to bind his listeners to his proximity a little longer than he might otherwise at times.

When he felt particularly close to someone, he lengthened his story so he could watch their eyes. Often his eyes met their eyes and more than the story was exchanged between them.

In the later years, he met a woman whom he keenly felt attraction towards. His respectful nature of they and himself maintained the distance, but the eye contact bridged the gap between them at times.

The time and place of their lives restricted their closer relationship. It was so in this world, but what of another place and time? Could it be that in other parallel universes, their lives would be joined?

Many nights he would awaken from sleep and ponder the possibility of alternate life outcomes in the parallel world. From his educational knowledge he examined his thoughts and feelings, realizing by peering into her eyes, yes, he was with her in the other parallel world.

It was more than imagination when he felt transported to another parallel world. Almost everything there was the same, except he was with her there. Soon he became adept at leaving one world behind to take those journeys to the other reality.

To that woman in that other world, he was faithful. Any vows or promises made were relative to that particular existence and were not binding between worlds.

Time wasn't lost on those journeys. Time was the same across them and he could remember the same second in many variations, relative to the particular parallel world he was in at the time.

He wasn't unique in the discovery. There are many people on those journeys today in every known alternate parallel location. They start their discoveries when they look into another's others eyes and wonder.
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