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Surprising Paths

She lay in front of me, her clothes thrown carelessly and her breath ragged. The pack of Trojans were hastily opened and on the table, spilling out. I fumbled with the small packaging in my hands as her eyes scanned my body. Quickly, I slipped the rubber protection over myself and took a deep breath as I moved towards her body.
She stopped breathing for a second as contact was made and I stopped. She motioned for me to continue as pain filled her body. This was both of our first times, but I knew this would be harder for her than it would be for me.
Sometime later, we lay next to each other breathlessly and stayed quiet for a while. Her legs were still slightly open, as I imagine the pain was hard. I looked around the room, her dress hung up on the closet door and my suit on different spots of the floor.
Yes, this was Prom Night.

“Dude you scored?” My friends asked after we played a game of hoops. I nodded and slipped into my silver Mercedes Benz, a gift from my wealthy parents. Seconds later I zipped off and appeared in front of the white-and-black house of my girlfriend, Samantha.

“Sam,” I greeted her with a kiss on the lips as her arms wrapped around my body.
“I want to try it again.” She whispered into my ear quickly as her eyes trailed off to the bedroom. “My parents just left.”
Sam wasn’t usually like this, I knew. She had been quite prude when I met her, so our relationship started off slow. To this day, we had been together for three years and we were madly in love.
“Sam.” I said, giving her a look. “You don’t want that.”
“No. I do.” She shot back. “If you don’t want to, then we’re done.”
I suddenly smelled alcohol on her breath and I sighed as I followed her up the clean, wood stairs to her bedroom. Our clothes quickly came off and were thrown onto the floor and I took in her gorgeous body. Her smooth, tanned skin made her baby blues look even prettier. I took a breast in one hand and caressed it, the nipple enclosed in my mouth now. My hand trailed down her front until it reached the spot I’d been looking for. My fingers danced over her clitoris before sliding inside.
“Oh,” She gasped
Our lips met and sent electric waves of energy through my body. She sat up and dug through her nightstand before handing me a silver package. I slid it on and she spread her legs. Instinctively, my mouth slid down to her and started to taste. She rubbed my head into her body and smiled. Then I slid inside of her for explosive love making.

It is now four years later and tonight is my college graduation. Life at NYU was exciting, but now it was time to venture off to the real world. Sam and I broke up at the end of that summer, but we e-mailed each other when we had time. She’s been with her current boyfriend, Nick, for a year already and she says she loves him. I don’t have a steady girlfriend, but I’ve been on numerous dates.
Returning home was hard for me, seeing as how I knew Sam and I would cross paths. She said she wanted to see me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to. Instead, I went to see my old high school friends and we ventured out to the bar almost every Friday.

The women there were gorgeous, their breasts nearly spilling out of their shirts. One brunette had interest in me, constantly sitting on my lap and kissing my body. We went home that night.

“I’m Alyson, 22 years of age, from Florida.” She said to me as we arrived into my apartment, quite sober.
I smiled as her glossed lips met mine again. “I’m Alex, 23 years of age, from California originally.”
The contact of our skin was amazing, but I couldn’t bring myself to get inside of her.
“Alyson, I’m not really into one-night stands.” I blurted out and she tasted me, from my family jewels.
She looked up. “I guess I’ll see you around.” She put her clothes on quickly and bolted out the door.

I sighed as I relaxed naked on the couch. I was too tired to put the clothes on and my lower half, specifically my dick, was still excited from the contact he was given before. So, I headed up to bed and slept.

Life was pretty simple for me. Monday through Friday was work, go to the bar Friday night, dinner with family or a girl Saturday night, football or some other sport on Sunday. The cycle went like that for many months, until my 25th birthday.
“Alex?” A feminine voice exclaimed from the other side. “Alex, it’s Sam.”
“Sam? Oh wow. How are you?”
“I’m good. Look, I was wondering if we could meet and have dinner tomorrow night.”
A mental calendar appeared in my head. Tomorrow was Saturday. Okay, good. I had no dates to attend and I’d just tell my mom I had plans. I had a feeling it would be awkward.

I greeted Sam at the front of the restaurant, noticing her eyes first. Then her breasts. They were spilling out of her low-cut cocktail dress and I remembered when I had seen them last. She was skinnier than ever, and I was hoping she was eating right. Her hair was now dark brown, short, and curled. I noticed there was no rings on her left hand, but a single heart necklace was around her neck.
“What have you been up to?” She scanned the menu, while batting her eyelashes.
“Nothing really. Just been on a few dates, hanging out with the guys, working as a business man in the office. You?”
“I’m a teacher.” She smiled. “I’ve been single for a year and a half now, and I’ve been on some dates.”
“Alex.” She said. “I want to date you.”
“Oh, wow, uh, Sam. This is sudden.”
“I know.”
“But I would love to.”

That night wasn’t sex. No, it was making love. The passion in our bodies combined to make each other lust and love for the other. I loved Sam, and I always would.

One month later, I had a rude awakening. Sam and I had been living with each other for a few weeks. My schedule had been altered. Monday through Friday was work. Friday night was out with the guys or with Sam. Saturday was staying home, Saturday night depended. Sunday was brunch with the family. Life with Sam was amazing.
Her faced was covered in tears as she appeared in the bedroom with a robe on. We had just been in the shower together and I was recovering while watching a movie in bed.
“Alex!” She shouted as she waved a stick in my face. I grabbed her wrist still.
“I’m pregnant.”
The words sent sirens off in my head and I stopped breathing.
“What are we gonna do!”
“Nothing. We have two bedrooms in the house. We won’t get engaged yet, but we’ll wait a little. We’ll tell our parents.”

Having sex while pregnant was hard. We were afraid of hurting the baby, afraid of affecting the pregnancy. With her stomach as big as a nine-month pregnant woman’s stomach should be, I slid into her with caution. We were not even fourty-five minutes into it when she started to complain of pain. Immediately I pulled up and she went to the bathroom.
Water filled the bathroom floor and she sat in it, holding her stomach. “The baby is coming.”
We dashed into the car, her legs wide open in the back seat. The hospital quickly brought us the a room and we found out she was nearly 10 cm dilated. Her grip killed, but the pain must have been worse for her.
A few minutes later a dark head of hair appeared, followed by the rest of the head. Sam pushed two or three times more the get the next section of the baby out, but she couldn’t. The baby was stuck.
Doctors worked quickly and helped her slide the baby out. I cut the umbilical cord and watched as my son was placed in her arms.

Here we are, at the prime age of 30, nearly four years later. We are married, and have been for three years. Our son, Cameron, is almost four and she is expecting another baby. It’s going to be a girl.
My life was filled with surprises, and continues to be.

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