Every Time I close my eyes... | By: Karim Hatem | | Category: Short Story - Fantasy Bookmark and Share

Every Time I close my eyes...

Every time I close my eyes,
I c your portrait in ma inner mind
Every night I dream of u,
Like the rainbow or a drop of dew,
My heart beats with your name
yet I can't face ye cause of shame
For u r the sun and I am the moon
u shine, and I bathe in the light
I could hear the wind whistle through your hair, I could c the sea in your eyes
No matter where the sun hides among the clouds,
U can always c it through the shrouds.
No matter where life takes u, we can't live without your light. We'll go on in your orbit
U r like a red rose with a strong fragrance. Among a garden full of orchids and grass
I know I am a failure,
I know I don't deserve u
But dreams cost nothing
and u r ma most beautiful dream
U r da light of ma path, by which I am guided and without which I would go astray
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