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The Christmas Disaster

The Christmas Disaster
“'Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse”

Well not for long anyway. Someone or something was coming down the chimney. The only thing wrong with this picture was this house didn’t have a chimney. He landed with a grunt and crept out of the fireplace, he then tried to brush some soot off. He wore a red and white suit with black boots and a thick black belt with a huge gold buckle on it. He had a white fluffy beard and he looked like he hadn’t slept in a year. He grunted as he picked up his big red sack bursting full of presents.

As he silently crept across the living room he noticed something move in the corner of the room. He shrugged and said
“ It must be my old imagination” in his deep voice. He picked up the glass of sherry and asked himself
“Should I or shouldn’t I have this sherry?” He didn’t care it was his night and no-one not even Rudolph was going to stop him. As he took a swig of the sherry he could imagine his wife saying in her squeaky voice
He stopped and horridly put the presents under the tree and hurried up the chimney.

As he pulled off of the Parkers roof he barked

About an hour later just over the Pacific Ocean a gremlin jumped out of the water and onto the sleigh. It was green, slimy and had eyes the size of dinner plates. It grabbed the reins and steered the reindeers towards the water and jumped off. Santa grabbed the reins and tried to steer away but since he had had 19 million 700 thousand 201 sherry’s his reactions were very slow so he plummeted into the water.

He swam to the top but was pulled back down by a shark where he was ripped apart and eaten alive.

Ever since then Mrs Claus has been searching for her long lost husband but has never thought to look at the bottom of the ocean and began to suspect he had run away with one of the elves.

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