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Nadia is the Night

I took off my helmet and slowly got off of my bike. I stared in the dark night. There was a feeling going through my body. I could feel the humans. Hear their pulses. Feel every breath they took. I was a part of them. A part of their souls. No...I dont have a soul. I searched through the night with my sharp eyes. Something was nagging at me. What is it? “What do you see Nadia?” My partner asked from her blood red motorcycle. “Nothing Selena, but I know there is something out there. I can feel them.” I said with my slight Jamaican accent audible in my voice. Selena came up beside me. “I know what you mean. The sent in the air is of another soul. An innocent, and that can only be humans, out there watching us” She said while I slowly turned my head to look at her. Selena and I were different in looks, but we fell in to us both being the same height at 5’9”. Selena had caramel colored skin and long midnight dark hair that seemed to never end. He naturally red lips seem to perfectly fit her face. Her blood red leather suit seems to fit her body like a second layer of skin, like my black one. Her eyes were the same color as almond shaped chocolates that seem to drive men crazy with lust. My own complexion was the color of milk chocolate. My cinnamon and black curly hair scraped my shoulders. My grey eyes seemed to glow through the night. We are both equally strong but together we were a force to be reckoned with.
Together we looked at our destination. “Is this it?” Selena asked. I could hear the loud music coming from inside and smell the booze drunk humans moving through the bar. “Yeah this is it.” I answered her after a moment of thought. “Then let’s do this.” Slowly we walked across the street towards the bar. Our hips swayed in the same direction, and our heels seemed to echo through the streets. We got to the door. The street light glowed off of Selena’s red rimed sunglasses when I looked at her, but my black ones shield the bright light. Men gawked at us when we walked in. I could smell the foul smells of there liquor drenched breaths spreading through the bar. The smell alone nearly nauseated me. Selena and I split up with Selena going to sit at some fat guy’s table and I went to sit at the bar. I knew it was a matter of time before a guy would notice me. “Well now. What is a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” I could tell he was already way pass drunk. Besides the obvious slurring of his words, I could smell the alcohol in his body. He would do just fine. I slowly turned my head to look at him. Not to a bad looking guy. It’s a shame he’s nothing more then a steak for me. I had no sympathy for humans, and the ones in this bar made it even easier for me to select from this glorious buffet. I allowed a low and sexy laugh from my mouth. “Well, I believe that I have found what I was looking for.” I slightly turned and allowed him a sight of my full breast. He exhaled in a longing since “God I hope so. What do I have that you are looking for?” I slightly cringed from the ‘G’ word, and I was glad that he was too pissy drunk to notice. I slowly got up smiling seductively and leaned in to him until my lips were just inches away from his ear, and right above the thick jugular in his neck. My body swayed from such closeness. With every pump his sweet bloody heart sent through his body caused a vibration through mine. I had to keep my cool. “I think you have exactly what my body needs. Don’t you?” I whispered with my lips lightly brushing against his ear lobe. “Yeah I do baby.” He slurred to me. “Let’s go.” I whispered back.
We stumbled to the back alley of the bar with his heavy drunken wait thrown over my shoulder. He was easy to carry but I wish sometimes it didn’t take all of this just to get fed. I found the darkest corner of the alley and shoved him against the wall. I was finally fed up with him just rambling on about his mother back in Iowa or whatever he said. I clamped my hand over his mouth. “Shh. Are you ready for me baby?” I asked him not really caring for his answer. He nodded his head like an innocent child. I deeply kissed him with his golden hair gripped in to my hand tightly. His heart raced. Yes. That’s what I liked. Gets the adrenaline pumping, because it would be a better high for me. I tore my mouth away from his and traveled them down his neck, and I sniffed.My moan came with no control. He never notices my infatuation of his neck for his whole attention was on my behind, and stammered about it feeling so good in leather. \"Whatever.\" is all I say. I could smell the sweet nectar in his throat it was time. Bit in to his throat and his screams echoed through the street. I didn’t care, I was already deep in to his throat and the noise was dieing down. A strange smell filled my nostrils but it was too late. I felt a gun pressed in to the center of my back. “Let the man go.” A deep male voice told me. I backed up and let the man drop the to the ground with a thud. My teeth was erected from my gums and I was ready to kill for being interupted.
\" Put your dead hands on your head, and as much as I am liking to look at your back I\'m going to need you to turn around.\" I smiled slightly. This guy was either arrogant or new what he was doing. I turned and my breath caught in my throat. He had to be the most beautiful human I have seen in centries maybe never. \"Where\'s the other one?\" He finally asked after a moment of looking at one another. \"Other what?\" I asked back still slightly smiling. He allowed a masculine laugh to come out of his mouth and it felt like his hands ran down my body. I shivered. The laughing stopped. Damn, he noticed. \"A little hungry there? I know there is another one of you things in there some where. Where is she?\" He said. I didn\'t speak. I knew that Selena knows what happening right now. She maybe watching us at this moment. If this guy was serious about his job, he knew she was out here too. He stepped closer pointing the Browning in to my lower stomach. \" I know these bullets wouldn\'t kill you, but they will slow you down.\" He said. His eyes, they were grey like mine. his skin was a light brown cinnamon color that seemed to glow under the golden street light. every thing was perfect from his small dreads, to his gottee, down to his black leather boots. I would love to make him in to my love slave. I giggled. \" Your little gun is no match for me. Please run along and let me continue my meal.\" His hand went to my neck with much speed. He wasn\'t human. He seemed to notice the blood on my lips and chin, and pulled my face closer to his. He sniff my lips, and a low growl escaped his mouth while quick breaths rushed through his lips. A lycanthrop. I wasn\'t afraid of them, but their strenghts were amazing and the pain they can inflict was something to deal with. I could tell the way his hand trempled on my neck that he was fighting the urge. A moan escaped his throat, and the tip of his tongue lightly traced the blood off of my bottom lip.\" No.\" He screamed. With a jerk he through my body away from him, and I hit the other brick wall falling to the ground. It didn\'t hurt but it shocked me.\"What the hell is wrong with you?\" I asked. He looked back at me and his eyes wasn\'t grey anymore they were golden. \"I won\'t give in to it. I need your help.\" I stood up, with a slight smile on my face. \" You are new to this. What do you want from me?\" He turned away form me looking up in to the street light. \"Help me find who did this to me.\" I could see his strength even with him turned around. His power was like a thick fog in the air. \"They call me Lorenzo. You?\" His head turned slightly to look at me. \"Nadia.\" I answered. He turned back around to the light. \" It\'s like it doesn\'t bother me, the light. I was hunting the wrong thing that night. I didn\'t know how the creature could throw me off like that, but it did. Stakes wouldn\'t work for what attacked me that night. I want to kill it, kill it before he ruin someone elses life.\" I almost felt sympathy for him. Alomst doesn\'t count. \" Killing it wouldn\'t change anything.\" He didn\'t speak. \" Whats in it for me, this is not my problem.\" I asked. He turned and stalked twards me. \" Because I use to be a vampire slayer,and killing you wouldn\'t be a problem.\" He slowly wrapped his hand around my neck, and I allowed him to. \" It would be so easy. Like ripping a damn paper towel.\" For a moment he froze staring in to my face. I let him. I liked his closeness and I knew it was strange being that Vampires never liked Lycanthrops. He looked at me like he just noticed my face for the first time. Finally he spoke. \"They get more beautiful evey time.\" I pretend that statement didn\'t get to me, while his thumb traveled down my lips. Why was he so comfortable with touching me? Another scent came back, and it was stronger this time. \"Why do you travel with humans?\" I asked looking in to his grey eyes. He looked confused. \" I travel alone Miss. Nadia.\" Gun shots came flying through the night at us. We dodged running together and hiding from them in the high trees above the bar. \" Shit. Slayers are here.\" I pulled out my blade ready to kill, but I felt a frim grip on my arm. \"What?\" I asked Lorenzo. \"If you kill them, I kill you.\" he said. I thought for a moment. I\'m sure they didn\'t feel the same way about him. \"Ok how do you suppose we get out of here.\" I asked him with a hent of sarcasm. He noticed it. \"Fallow me.\" He said. I made him think I was fallowing him, before I could stop at I saw Selena flying to the humans. \"Selena No!\" I yelled in our mind contact. It was too late it happend so fast. A stake through Selena\'s heart and her body bursting in to ashes. I pulled my blade back out. \" Do what you have to do, but don\'t get in my way.\" I ran full speed to them. They shot at me empting their clips. I was too fast for their blind bullets. I quickly took a gun from a human and then shoved the barrel in to his chest he died instantly. I continue to give pain to each one until I got to the one that shot Selena. My eyes glowed on his face. I grabbed his throat and lifted his 200 something body off of the ground. I could see the fear in his eyes.\" Yes you will die.\" I said with my teeth showing in full effect. I hear a gun shot, but it doesn\'t scare me as much as it did the guy. I slowly turn to see a human fall to his knees with a gun in his hands. Behind him stood Lorenzo his Browning aimed. I was shocked but kept my cool. I looked back at the man. \"Who ever sent you, tell them I did this. Nadia of the Night.\" He nodded his head in agreement and I slung him away with him crashing in to boxes and old beer bottles. He quickly got up and ran. I turned back to Lorenzo and his starlted face. He looked at the gun in disbelife. \"What am I?\" he asked not directing the question to anyone. I couldn\'t answer him. He met my eyes. My eyes glowed, and his golden. He dropped the gun ran in to the night. I watched him until he was out of sight of my night vision. He saved me. He took something he cherished. A life, and only to help me.

I tucked my blade back in my leather jacket and climbed on to my bike. Sliding my helmet on I looked through the night once again. The night was still. Dark, and cold. The night was me. I started the bike and drove in to the darkness. I will find Lorenzo,and help him. I owed him for saving me when he didn\'t have to. I gave him a chance to run. I will also avenge my sweet Selena. I promised myself I will be wearing her killer\'s bones for a necklace.

The End..
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