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Trip to Mars

Five, four, three, two, one blast off, I heard the countdown man say over the intercom. I watched the rocked as it was launched in the air. This was the very first trip to Mars. In the rocket was a robot. That they were using to get the rocks off of Mars. The rocket was white with red stripes going from top to bottom. It had blue streams of fire coming from the bottom of the rocket. I watched in amazement.

When I left, I got mobbed by reporters asking me what I was going to do if there were microbes on the rocks.

" I don't know", I told them.

" I assure you, we are very prepared".

I went home and of course the news was full of this Mars stuff. They had a camera on the robot ( so they could see where they were going) that they used for the news.

There were no channels where the news was not playing.

The next day I went to work and did some research on the microbe we found on the meteorite from Mars.

The day after work I went to the research facility, where I was going to see if there were any microbes on the rocks.

" When was it going to come back ", I asked Marty, the person who was flying the robot.

" In about five days", He said.

" Where is it going to land", I asked.

" I don't know", He replied.

" Well then how are we going to search for microbes," I told him.

" When it hits the atmosphere, we will then know where it is going to land," he replied.

I waited and waited and watched TV. Then suddenly the screen from the robot went blank. I changed channels and they were all having the same problem. When an announcement said,

" We think the transmission is being blocked by the moon. We will just have to weight till the moon passes." I turned the TV off and sat around for about an hour. Then I turned the TV back on and watched. The robot was already on its way back.

I went back to work and watched the robot fly back on the big screen TV. Once again I asked Marty where it was going to land. He said, "It was going to land somewhere in Arizona." "Isn't that where Area Fifty One is", I asked him.

" No not exactly", He replied.

" But similar," He ended.

" OK lets go", I said.

We left for the research facility and when we arrived the people working at the facility had already left for the landing site. We went there also. When we arrived at the landing site I looked up in the sky and saw a small silver dot. When the robot came down some of the people that worked at the facility grabbed the robot and put it in a container. They also put there gloves in there for safety reasons. We took the rocks to the research facility. I tried all kinds of different tests on the rocks, but found nothing. I also checked the gloves found something, and killed it immediately and and told the other researchers that there was nothing.

I left and was once again mobbed by reporters. One of the reporters asked me if I checked the robot for microbes. I said "No comment." Because I did not check the robot.

The End
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