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Me & My Conscious

I wish . . . . . or hope . . . . . .

I was the richest man in the world.
I had a p2 500mmx processor.
Bill Gates would get a life.
Pollution would end.
Starvation would end.
There was world peace.
Ii could solve our own distinction.
I could have whatever I wanted.
I could visit Indonesia.
I did not have to do this.
We could have implants and not have to go to school.
Bill Gates would meet my potential and me.
I could change Bill Gates.
I was a billionaire.
I could fly a plane.
I could go to Hawaii.
I could go to Florida.
I had a job.
I could make a thousand dollars in one summer.
That I could help save the rain forest.
That I could start my own business.
That I graduate from college.
I get my masters.
I finish college high school and all that.
I was smarter than bill gates.
I could help endangered species.
That every kid had a video game system.
That I don’t work at MC Donald’s.
I start with a good paying job.
I could speak Spanish.
I could speak French.
I could speak Dutch.
I could Chinese.
That we live on the moon some day.
That we live on mars some day.
That I can make a computer generated robot.
That we no longer need food we could use special things to produce it.
That my Grampa does not die of cancer.
My dad would stop smoking.
My uncle would stop smoking.
My aunt would stop smoking.
My great Grampa dies happy.
I live to be older than a hundred.
I live to be 120.
I live to be 140.
I never die.
I would like to be put down in history.
Ii get into Marina high school.
I don’t have to go to Westminster high school.
Have no more problems with school.
Get straight A’s at least one more time.
Go to heaven.
Could have my own company.
Get my own car.
Go out and learn on my own.
Get my own house.
Have kids who are as smart as me.
Have kids that are smarter than me.
That they find a cure for ADHD.
They come out with Diablo 2 this summer.
They come out with Septerra Core this summer.
I get my own business by the time I am out of high school.
I learn how to program by the time I’m out of college.
A" in Pre-Al.
They find a cure for cancer.
They find a cure for aids.
They find a cure for all the major diseases.

I wrote this in 7th grade. Since then more then 30 have come true.
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