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Mortal Kombat Series

MK Series Episode 5 Part 1
LuiKang has been chosen to defend earth from the outworld. The outworld is a place where all evil lurks. Evil tries to destroy the earth. As Lui Kang fought evil he made friends along the way. His friends help him defend earth’s realm. His friends are: Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kung Lao, Katana, Ermac, and Subzero.

Lui Kang and his friends were discussing how they were going to disstroy the outworld, in one of the village houses. The village houses were made out of sticks and stones with hay on top. Inside Lui Kang and his friends were sitting on the floor, watching their food cook on the fire. Suddenly Shao Khan popped out of the fire and said," You may have Ermac and Subzero but neither one of then can beat him." A picture appeared in place of Shao Khan. It was a black warrior that has the moves of Subzero and Scorpion, with the agility and speed of Ermac. Finally the power and strength of Goro. They were all surprised. They said." you may have him, but you have no friendship." " Friendship conquers all evil!" " You shall see," Shao Khan said," in a laud voice that fainted away. Lui Kang and his friends knew they were not ready. So they had to train for the up coming evil.

To Be Continued ...............................

MK Series Episode 5 Part 2

They trained for days perfecting their kicks and punches. Working on their Shao Lyhn a special way of killing. In other words, Lui Kang’s bicycle kick and fireball, Sonya's bubble kiss and upward bicycle kick, Kung Lao's hat throw and spinning shield, Johnny Cage's speed kick and green flame, Kitana's fan throw and death wave, Finally Subzero's deep freeze, ground freeze, freeze, and ice clone. Best of all paralyzing hammer and pink fire ball.

When they were done they decided to go to Shao Khan's palace. When they arrived it was very quiet. They tried to open the door, but it was locked. Johnny Cage said, "Stand back, I'll take care of it." Johnny Cage stood back for is speed kick. He ran forward as fast as he could until he disappeared. Suddenly there was a shape of Johnny Cage. Johnny Cage yelled help guy's!

To Be Continued .............................................

MK Series Episode 5 Part 3

Lui Kang and his friends ran in the door and found out it was a trap. They bunched up in a pile to keep them from attacking. They were all throwing projectiles while Kung Lao protected them with his spinning shield. They fought them away long enough to escape. when they got back they tried to think of a better entrance than the first one. They sat down for a while and meditated. Subzero said he would get something to drink. Before he did that he made a ice clone just in case something were to go wrong. he left and of course something went wrong. They were all kidnapped by the black warrior. Along with Subzero's ice clone. Lui Kang and his friends were taken to a dungeon where the walls were made out of a indestructible metal with no hole's what so ever. Will subzero save his friends, Will Shao Khan discover the clone.
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