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Max; Dr. Hawkins; Kurt. Just to give you an idea Max is Kurt's little mechanical dog. He is very smart. Dr. Hawkins is the guy who makes all of Kurt's Mechanical toys, including Max. Kurt is the main character. He is the one who is going to save the world. Kurt is equipped with a special suit with a strong almost bullet proof fabric. He also comes fully equipped with a sniper gun that can zoom in on enemies and take them out with ease. If he takes it of his head it turns into a machine gun. With all of these things he has to save the world from city mine crawlers which were very dangerous. Uh-huh, yep, the world all right. The mine crawlers give him one hour to give himself up or save the city at a time. If he does not save it in time, the city is toast. Oh-well one less city to have to worry about. So can Kurt save all of the cities? We'll find out.

"Alert, Alert!" The alarms yelled.

"Hey, Kurt, Kurt! Laguna Beach is under attack!" Dr. Hawkins yelled. "Alright! Lets parachute down." Kurt said.

"Come on Max, let's go!"

Kurt and max jumped out of the ship and floated down. They dodged the security beam the best they could. When….

"Max, you idiot! You hit the Beam!"


"Watch out!"

Kurt quickly hit the missle, which blew up right in their faces. The missle kept coming, and Kurt kept shooting. Floating down slowly in the meantime.

When they arrived Max had gotten into his jet plane. While Kurt sat in the darkness hitting the crawlers with his sniper gun. Kurt ran toward the center of the light. When Mine Crawler's jumped around Kurt Surrounding him. He spun around shooting with his gattling gun. When the coast was clear Max dropped down the smallest nuclear explosion to open up the door. Kurt grabbed it, threw it at the door and ran to take cover. Kurt then went through the door into another tunnel.
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