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Jungle Warriors


There was a land not far from the rest of the world, just hard to reach because the only way to get there was through the wicked forest. The forest had many different horrors, Most of them never seen, only spoken of. People still think these horrors exist and are afraid to even get close to the forest. Many have seen people go in, but never come out. That was what puzzles me, for it is very strange.

Mean while I and two other warriors had a change of heart. We were to prove that the dangers that lurked in the forest did not exist.

These three warriors were Sean Bryant (my self), Mike Bryant, and Sarah Bryant. I was the smartest, Because I had invented new things and technologies and could survive for days in a jungle with barely any resources or supplies. Mike, he is the strongest and most powerful. Agility, momentum, and strength. Some say he is immortal, unstoppable, and unbeatable. Now Sarah she was the one with the good looks. She could almost do anything she wanted. Maybe even be a princess for all I know. Tame a zombie and maybe a dragon here and there. This is the best team ever made, nothing can stop this unbeatable team of immortality. Only time will tell.


I decided that we should get some background on this so called wicked forest. So I went to talk with the towns people. All they told me was that there were horrible things there and not to go to close. But for some reason no one details about the type of horrors that lived with in. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I had already made a bunch of gadgets for the trip and was the only one who knew how to use them. Sarah and Mike had no idea what to do with all the gadgets, instead, they listened to what they were told.

"This one is to detect any life forms or whatever is out there. This one is a built in laser that goes around your wrist like a watch."

"What's this thing do," Mike asked.

"Oh that's a knife you can put it in your sock," I replied.

"Ha, very funny."

Let's see what we've got here, we've got knifes, lasers, medkits, rations and plenty of tools. If we need anything else I will just make it. Just as long as we don't loose the tools.

"So we got all the tools, now what are we waiting for."

Entering the forest

As we began to enter the forest, we checked to make sure that we were not missing anything of importance. "Wait I forgot the detector." So I ran back to pick it up. When I got back I turned on the detector and we all stared at it as it rattled noisily.

"What does it mean," Sarah asked.

"Its you two Dumbo's, move out of the way your messing up the signal!" I yelled.

"Oh sorry," They replied. In unison

"Well do you see anything?" Sarah asked.

"Hold your horses."

"I'm getting a strong reading from that direction," I pointed to the west.

We walked slowly and carefully waiting anxiously for any danger which may be ahead. We followed the signal all the way to what seemed to be an abandoned temple.

"It's in there," I said.

We walked to what appeared to be the front entrance to look for a door. But could not find one. So we looked for a secret passageway, when suddenly the ground below us disappeared.

The Temple

We were falling, falling for dear life and no where to go just down. While falling I decided to do something. I took a grappling hook from my belt that I took when I went to get the detector. I took the hook and shot it straight up. I then told everyone to grab on to the rope. We were all scared that we were going to turn into mush. The ground was getting closer when suddenly we stopped an inch from the ground. "We can't climb back up, because it was way to high to climb back up". I said

We jumped on the ground happy to be safe. When I turned on a light we saw several skulls all over the place like hundreds of people had fell down here. Sarah was freaked, as was I. We walked around trying not to step on too many skeletons. I looked at the detector and pointed to the direction of the signal. Only to find we could not go that way because we were trapped and in closed inside the walls. Suddenly the bones started rattling. The skeletons starting coming to life. The three of us tried to get away from all the skeletons. We kicked and punched and tried to make the skeletons die. Which was hard considering they were already dead. We shot our lasers and did everything we could to protect our selves. It was hopeless there was no escape. We were doomed.

Help is on the way

When we thought we were doomed, the life form that we had been reading all this time was moving toward us at a fast paste. Whatever it is I hope it is going to help us. The sidewall began to crumble and fall. A mysterious woman jumped through the wall and said, "Pick on somebody of your own kind, bone heads!" She was shooting the skeletons with some kind of laser that made the skeletons disintegrate. I thought she was beautiful. She had brownish black hair with beautiful eyes and lushes lips. I had fallen in love with her just like that. She kept telling us to hurry and follow her. All I could do was think of her. Oh no I forgot the tools someone cover me. I've got to go and get them. I ran back trying not to get caught by one of the skeletons.

We sealed the chamber by shooting the above wall trying not to let the whole thing cave in. I started asking her some questions.

"What's your name?"

"Lara, Lara Croft"

I had so many more questions to ask her. I asked her the first thing that came to my mind.

"How did you make your gun? What was I thinking."

"Easy with the right tools just like the ones you got over there. That's all you need. Here I'll show you." I paid great attention to what she was saying because I needed to know how to make that gun. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. Okay, so you reverse that, set this to that, twist this and adjust that. I could not believe it, it was so easy but I could not believe that I had not made one of these yet. I wondered if it was safe.

"Did you perform any tests?" I asked.

"No" she replied.

"I have to test it then," I said.

I performed several tests. But found no problems. But I could not test many for I did not have the right tools. Anyway I made one for all three of us with something a little extra. I put a bomb in them so that when you need it in a tight situation just turn on the detonation sequence, throw it and run. Lara also asked me to adjust hers that way too. I said, "it would be my pleasure." So I did and she greatly appreciated me and I liked that. Now that we are ready for the things to come. What should we do next?

Exploring the Temple

We decided to try and find another way out. I turned on the detector and set it to light seeking mode. "Which detected light." I looked at the detector and saw that there was light coming from three different directions. Up, north, and again west. For some reason we did not pick west. Maybe because each time we went west we got into trouble. So we decided to go north.

We walked along the path to the north until we came to a dead end. I looked through a whole in the wall and saw that there was light on the other side.

"The wall is thin," I said looking behind me.

"Let's break it down," Lara said reluctantly.

All four of us shot our lasers at the thin wall trying to make hole as square as a door, open the same way. I peeked through.

"Let's go another way," I said nervously walking away from the door slowly.

"What for" Sarah asked me as she peaked inside.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Sarah screamed.

"Shhhhh, shut up! You're going to wake it up," We all yelled silently as we made sure it was not awake. It was a demon a red one the size of a dragon. It had big red eyes and smoke coming out from his nose. His big wings were stretched over his body like a blanket. But just beside the demon was the exit out of here.

The Demon Awakes

We to walk toward the door when I got some dust in my nose.

"Ahaaahaaa," when Mike plugged my nose before I could sneeze. Then let go when he thought it was gone.

"Hachoooo!" too late. The demon had already seen us and was ready to attack. We saw flames coming out of his nostrils like a steaming hot bath of mildew and moisture. We noticed he was firing up and ready to shoot. We ran for the door only to run into the demon. We could not think straight. We did not know what to do. Lara, Mike, and I ran back and hid behind the wall. "What is she doing" Lara asked.

"It's OK just watch" We watched as Sarah attempted to tame the demon. "I tamed it Al right, I tamed it to sleep, and right in front of the exit," Sarah said

"Now how are we supposed to get out," I said.

"Hey lets try to move the demon." Mike suggested.

"No that would be to risky." I said.

"We could try to shoot a hole in the wall and try to get out that way." Lara said.

"Good idea lets try it." I said.

Second Attempt

We pointed our lasers at the wall and decided to try to make a door. "We have to make sure it does not make a lot of noise," I said.

We made careful precautions and made the hole perfect so only one person can fit through at a time and so the door would not fall and make a lot of noise. When we finished cutting out the door we started walking toward it. When suddenly the place began to shake and the rock was about to fall. The demon was turning over and creating an earthquake. The door was rocking back and forth softly and slowly creaking ever so much. We ran over to try to stop it from falling but it was to late. The rock had already fallen. We ran the door only to be stopped by a wall of flames. We turned walking back shooting the demon with our lasers. But it had no effect. We ran for the entrance feeling the intense heat coming behind us. We turned the corner and were barely missed by the fire. We watched the fire come roaring from the entrance around the corner.

We ran down the hall bouncing up and down like we were having an earthquake. Still trying to run away from the demon. We came to a ditch with a rope above. "Come on I will go first," I said

I swung making it to safety, and then Lara, then Sarah until it was Mikes turn.

Were Doomed

Mike jumped on the rope swung across but before he could make it the rope snapped. I quickly grabbed on to the rope. It was very hard to hold on to. The ground felt as if we were now having aftershocks I tried to hold on to the rope but it was slipping. Come on you guys give me a hand. They grabbed on to me pulling with all their might. "Come on he is slipping!" I yelled.

Until he got out of my reach and fell.

"Noooooo!!" I cried out.

I suddenly saw a grappling hook get thrown before me. We grabbed it and pulled with all our might until he was up. We celebrated. "We don't have time for this," "Lets go!" I yelled. The Demon trailed right behind us. Running hoping that it won't be following when we look back. For some reason it is always there. Now we were hoping for a miracle. The ground below us began to fall apart we tried to hurry and get away but it was to late we were already falling.

As my eyes began to focus to the darkness I looked around trying to get an idea where we were. I looked around still focusing my eyes. When finely they focused there was no light in this dark place. I looked for the others.

"Hey guys! Where are you guys I cant see anything its so dark in here.

Mike? Sarah’ ? Lara? Where are you guys? Please say something I’m getting scarred. I looked in my belt for some kind of light or something.

I found a lighter and I turned it on and presto light I had light and lots of it. Oh so beautiful but one problem there was nothing to see but gravel and rock except for those two firm walls that seem to be moving toward me. I all of a sudden I heard this scream ahhhhhhhh! Somebody help me I’m going to get smushed Heeeelllllpppp! When somebody said don’t have a cow man the exit is this way come on hurry. Lara, Mike and I said.

"Where is the exit?" Sarah asked.

"We lied there is no exit we just said that so you would quit crying."

You retards what did you think you were going to accomplish by getting me to stop crying.

"One thing for sure is we got silence. Also at least now we can think." Lara said.

"Ok now let's think how do they do we get out of hear. Oh, I've got an idea here stand back and get ready to run." I took a bomb out of my belt and put it in a small hole in one of the walls and lit is.

Everybody go to that end.


The bomb exploded and we all started running but where were we running to and we couldn't see a thing.


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