Why does a whisper cry? | By: Troy David Bowden | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Why does a whisper cry?

We held on long in the years of our endless love but time didn’t go on.
Hearts broke and pain sent in like the blade of a knife.
For what I thought was right didn’t match in your eyes.
And feelings were on the table.

We had the passion; the flame of fire love but still something didn’t click in your mind.
Was it the soft whisper that came from the blue, did it scare you away?

With this deep hole of endless miles down I wonder if it was.
The soft whisper the words spoken so true and from the heart…
I wonder…
Did that scare you away from my arms of love?

I won’t take back what I said for I meant every word out of my mouth and still to this day I do.
You meant the world to me and more.
You were like of a small rose growing in my heart and for I holding you there watching you grow bigger and redder everyday, and with every kiss I fell in love more.

But how…how can my whisper cry?

You asked so many times how I felt and now that the whisper is in the wind you knew.
And this is what I get, lost with an empty heart.
For to hell with you and may the darkness of the devil travel with you forever.
For my whisper was with love and the words for you were I love you.
And now I see how it is to be.

This is how my whisper cries and it cries still, wishing it didn’t come out, wishing it just stayed inside my heart.

Forever now will I fear that I will walk the alone streets in this world traveling without knowing if what I said made you go or was it more.

I’ll still have you thou, in my heart forever where there is a place made just for you.
And even thou we do not see or hold or love anymore there will be forever that place where I can go and you will be there.
For even if the whisper made you cry I have not and will not stop loving you.

Will not forever.
But will I ever whisper again…
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