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Hester’s Final Fate

As the sun falls behind the horizon I hang my head in shame as I wander into the darkness of the woods. Each pine, appearing as dark as my soul, fades away behind me into the ever-approaching blackness of my mind. This is it, the day I will remove myself from earth. I refuse to allow humans to mock me for what I have done. The punishment of my second sin is far too much to bear. Soon they will have me no more, as a symbol of the sin brought to earth through Adam. I have wronged, not once but twice, the men I loved. This will be the ultimate repentance for my sins. I will take the life my mother bore, the life God created with his own hands and I will destroy it. I will never allow my body and mind to place itself into temptation and sin again.
The twilight of the night became darker and more ominous as my last earthly day came to a close. Pearl has come to realize the nature of my sin and why she was brought into this world. Never before had I seen a child withdraw from her mother, fleeing to parts of this unexplored New World with nobody to hold and care for her. I gave her life and now she forces me to death. The continual lies I provided through out her life came crashing down on me, in one swift stroke to the heart. Pearl, now twenty years of age, found the truth behind her life and mine. My only hope for the future has turned against me when my second child, born to a man whom will never be known, died at birth. With a face of hatred, Pearl left, never to return.
In front of me hangs a branch, twisted and curled like a hand, reaching out for help and strength. Behind me there is nothing but the black of night which oppresses my soul to its very deepest. My rope, carefully produced to ensure every fiber is the strongest it can be, hangs in my hand, lifeless and still. Carefully I climbed this twisted tree, to the very top branch. Clearing gloomy leafs out of my way, I tie this rope around the branch of my death. Placing myself carefully on this sturdy branch, I tied the opposing end of the rope into a clean noose. Slowly, I placed this loop from Hell around my neck. Standing there I began to pray. “Our Father whom art in Heaven, holy is your name. Your righteousness can not be recreated on this earth. Sin has plagued us from the deepest of our roots to the tops of the highest trees. We are not worthy to stand in front of you. The worst evil in our lives show when times are poor and revenge in all we have. Roger has performed evil deeds, but none as evil as mine. I have wronged two men; the second will never be allowed to destroy my lover. I will die with the secret I contain within my heart and my mind. Never will his identity be revealed. My sweet Arthur may have been able to correct this event, which will be performed momentarily, had he been able to live through the hard times and emotional trauma of his murderer, Roger. In this world of madness, no place is good enough for my sweet Pearl. Nobody and no place would be good enough for what I would want with my sweetheart. My lover needs no explanation, he has wronged, as have I, and he will feel the repercussions of his actions deep inside. The scarlet letter will burn in his heart for the rest of eternity like it will stay with me until the end of time. I pray for this world and the sin it contains, which has brought it to its knees. For me, I pray that you would forgive my sins and allow me your grace and mercy. In your loving name, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”
This branch, hovering far from the dirt below, will be my last foothold in this world. “I am sorry Pearl, for all the wrong I have done to you and I hope you will forgive me.” Placing my right foot in front of me, I take my final step out of this world.
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