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Mood Piece

I’d known her what, three maybe four hours? And there we lay in the warm moon light on one of the floor suites of “The Royal Hawaiian Hotel” looking out on Waikiki beach. If you were to have seen us last night you would think we’d just gotten married and were on our own little honeymoon escapade. She had a gentle presence and sweet tan skin that was almost an olive color. This young woman must have been God’s finest master piece, perfect down to the last sweet pore. Her deep brunette hair was more satisfying to the touch than any of the finest silk. What was I suppose to do? She had luring blue eyes full ambition with a subtle hint of mischief. She was perfect in every way a man could ever imagine and undoubtedly wasted off her ass.

It had to of been ten-thirty at night or maybe it was closer to eleven. I was sitting at a bar down the street from my hotel sucking down a red-headed slut. (A splash of cranberry juice, half an ounce of peach schnapps and almost an ounce of jagermeister mixed on the rocks, drained into one of those wussy little glasses and shot straight down into your unwilling stomach.) Who knows how many of those “sluts” I downed, who cares? I was on vacation in Hawaii with twelve-thousand dollars cash; yeah you can make it big in Vegas on practically nothing. So there I am on this crap woven bar stool that hurts my ass deciding if I should order a different drink. So I did, I asked the bartender who so happens to be the only Asian guy I’ve seen in Hawaii so far if he would pick one out for me. So he took out what had to be at least six different bottles of liquor. I spotted that one was rum almost instantly and another was vodka.
I can’t remember the others but he poured it them on ice added some crap to it, stirred it, put some more liquor into it, put a lemon accompanied with an umbrella on the edge of the glass handed it to me and said “Adios mother fucker.” And laughed.
I of course drank it as fast as possible to show how much balls I have and to wipe that crooked-toothed smirk off his face.
I recall yelling “HAH! I’M ON VACATION!” very triumphantly even though my entire throat burned as if I had drank acid.
He said something like, “I live here, I’m always on vacation.”
He said it very suspiciously almost sly and clever. I was drunk, so I might have misheard him or never heard him at all I don’t care, I was in the mood for good times.

I remember, or at least I think I remember choking on an ice cube. I do remember a very beautiful woman giving me the Heimlich maneuver with the joint of her thumb pressing into core of my body, which caused me to vomit profusely, so I must have been choking on something. I remember a lot of stuff after that. I recall her talking about how she wanted to be an actress in Hollywood, but how auditions these days can cost a few thousand and she can’t afford them. She ordered me a drink and she was talking about her goals with great enthusiasm. She almost seemed to sway with the breeze and when ever the breeze blew past her and towards me I could smell her perfume, Vanilla, Coconut and strawberry. It was delightful. I forget a little bit of what we talked about, it must have been the drink she ordered me. What I do remember is awhile after that drink it was past midnight and she seemed very close to me. In my drunken haze she almost seemed to glow. I couldn’t help it; I reached out and felt her soft olive brown skin. It was exhilarating it was like euphoria. Her skin was soft smooth and had a kind essence about it. She didn’t seem to mind me stroking her bare thigh, I liked that. I had just noticed five or six empty glasses off beside her arm as she ordered another drink. I don’t recall the name of what she ordered, but I felt good knowing she was getting smashed too.

I was sobering up from my first drinks from hours ago she looked at her cell phone probably eight times while she was talking about her pet Chihuahua “Dirty Harry”. Finally she said she had to go, she had to get up early to run errands. We said our good byes and she got up and gave me a hug. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy having her breasts smashed into my face, but I had missed her already even though I could see her apple shaped ass swaying as she exited the bar. I sat on my pain-in-the-ass-stool and thought about what a great vacation this could have been. She would have been the fuck of the millennium; I would have gone down in history.
“The man that fucked an angel” is what the books would have read.
God himself would envy me. Or that’s all what I thought until I felt a tap on my shoulder; I felt a warmth spread throughout my chest. I turned to see that beautiful woman standing there looking quite embarrassed.
“I locked myself out of my car, and my hotel is miles away…do you think you could give me a ride?” There it was!
My chance to be in the history books, I prayed to every ancient Deity I could think of, thanking them for telling me to walk to the bar.
I stuttered and stumbled over my words for a second and said “Actually my hotel is just around the corner…if you can’t find a ride I’d gladly let you sleep with me…er…sleep in my bed. I can always take the couch. I have a view right on the beach.”
She looked at me for a minute, discussing the options to herself perhaps. “I am a little to drunk to be driving anyways…besides someone probably take advantage of me. I think I will stay at your place, I’m glad I met a good guy like you Charlie!”
Charlie’s my Vegas name, my real name’s James Henry. I don’t have an actual job. I mostly do odd jobs and then hit the races, dog or horse it doesn’t matter money’s money. So I looked at the crooked toothed bastard who thinks he knows Spanish and told him to put all the drinks we’ve had tonight on my tab, because I’ll be back in coming days.
He replied, “Oh I know you will that’s why I put your drinks on the tab already, along with mine since I missed my break thanks of your obsessive drinking. Oh, and thanks for buying me drinks.”
It was that crooked smile again he had a glint in his eye, I’ve seen it before I know I have, I’d know where if I were completely sober. That bastard I’ll show him. We were walking out the door with the breeze billowing through open windows singing symphonies of coming satire. She said she has to use the ladies room and hobbled off with her ass shaking and her legs, her legs went for miles. She was gorgeous. I waited by the door and when she came out she winked at the bartender and he gave her a crooked smile and that glint it was back, he was looking at me.

We arrived at my suite; I unlocked the door and helped maneuver her into the darkness. Which, was just an excuse to feel on her ass. Her backside was full and hot and so very arousing. The genius’s that designed my room put the light switch about 8 feet from the door so you had to stumble through the dark to turn the lights on, it’s always an adventure. I tripped and fell flat on my face I thought I had broken my nose but I soon decided that I could use this toward getting laid. So I lay there on the floor in the dark moaning as if I were in extreme pain clutching my face with both hands. I hadn’t clipped my fingernails in quite some times and I accidentally scratched the hell out of my forehead. She found the switch as if she lived in this room; I heard no stumbling, no “oomph’s”, no nothing but her flicking the rather weak light on. She ran over making an effort to console me with kind words and caressing my hair.
All I could think was “I guess I should go to Hollywood with you, I’m an actor-extraordinaire!”
I got up went into the closest bathroom and washed my face the cold water felt like an explosion that smacked me in my face, I hadn’t even noticed how hot I had been getting. But the water felt good, I must have washed my face four times. I walked out peaked into the living room/bedroom and didn’t see my company so I checked the kitchen I was about to look outside when I heard the out door shower turn on. I peaked over the bar and saw that she had undressed and left her clothes on the end table by the door that leads to the deck, beach and outdoor showering area. I decided to resist my urges of spying on her and opened a bottle of some Inglenook White Zinfandel wine. It’s only like six dollars and it’s barley ten percent alcohol so my liver won’t suffer and I could smooth any rough edges that might show in the coming hours. The kitchen might as well be a separate room, it’s a 4 walled kitched with a doorless doorway and the tiniest bar you’ve ever seen with a space to serve guests who are in the living/bedroom. Right across from the kitchen is the main bathroom and the only one with a toilet, hence it being the main. These two rooms are accessible through the entrance hallway which ultimately leads to the living/bedroom. The living/bedroom is huge, ceilings aren’t very high but I’ll be damned if you can’t fit ten limousines in there. This room has 3 walls draped with pictures and woven drapes or what ever the hell they are. Along with other miscellaneous things that ignorant white tourists would think are exotic when it’s probably made in china in the same factory they make those tiny plastic twenty-five cent ninjas. There are also four huge window panes taller than a man and each are wider than three men. In the middle of the four is the doorless doorway in which carved wooden beads hang down in the hundreds. You don’t need much protection from the cold or the weather in Hawaii hence the lack of doors. The room has a rather large bed with four massive posts at each corner with clawed feet; each post was intricately carved with nonsense designs. It looked good, nonsense or not and I have to admit, I found them pretty “exotic”. The bed has dark red linens with what has to be twenty pillows. How useless is that? I heard the water shut off, I sat on one of the couches and set my bottle of wine on the table. Here I come history books.

She walked in with a towel covering her breasts and just barley covering her loins. Her tits were just begging to burst out of that towel and throw themselves in my mouth, I could hear them, she couldn’t but I could. She looked at me for a moment smiled and dropped her towel. I sat there for a minute trying to contemplate what I was looking at. I decided I was looking at an angel, I was looking at what could be nothing short of perfection and I was going to fuck it. I was wasting too much time with all that thinking, and once I realized it I kind of half hop/jogged a couple steps. Not wanting to look to excited or eager I tried to play it cool and glide up to her while slipping out of my ten dollar sandals. I tore off my shirt she undid my belt and pants fell, am I ever glad I get pants to big for me, they just saved me a minute or two of dicking around with my clothes. She went on her knees and slid my briefs down around my ankles I stepped out of them as she stood up. I put her arms around my neck and firmly embraced her, I laid her down as gently as possible, as if I dropped her she would shatter into a thousand pieces, and I’d have to pick them all up and put them back together. I’m not in the mood for that, I’m on vacation. I lay on top of her, tasting her sweet lips. I can feel her heart beat, it isn’t beating fast. It’s as though she was completely relaxed with a complete stranger. I slowly moved down her neck tenderly kissing all the way to the top of her bust. I can feel the hot moisture of my breath as I kiss my way to her nipple and gently caress it with my lips.
“He fucked that Angel ‘till Sunday. James A. Henry is the luckiest man that ever lived.” Is something else those history books will say about me.
I start my journey downwards once more kissing down her breast and I can smell my breath on her nipple; it smelt as if someone had been pouring shots all down her tits. I had to suck on it again, cheap wine doesn’t do it for me, nipples that taste like booze? Yeah, that does it. Being on my elbows was mighty uncomfortable I was trying to find a more comfortable position when I found the stereo’s remote. Perfect! Music would do quite nicely. I couldn’t recall what CD was in there, but it didn’t matter. I pressed play and turned it down a bit. On came Wynton Marsalis. It was “All Aboard” from his CD “Big Train”. I made it to her belly button, I wanted to tease but I couldn’t. I hadn’t been laid by a decent woman in years; I was dying to taste her. I wouldn’t want to go into to much detail; I am a gentleman after all. After what had been an hour…maybe… I passed out from the incredibly intense orgasm I had. I passed out embracing her, never wanting to let go.
“It’s too bad about that Henry fella…” the history books would say as it neared the end.

I awoke at about three in the afternoon with no beautiful olive brown skinned angel lying beside me. I knew she was gone, I’m no fool. I got dressed and checked my pants from the night before for money remembering I didn’t bring any, I put everything on a tab. I went to find my bag with my cash. I then remember what we were talking about when she ordered for me. I was talking about my vacation I was talking about everything! Cash and all.
“FUCK!” I screamed as loud as I could.
I ran around tearing the place apart looking for my bag. That whore set me up. I finally quit, knowing she probably left the minute I fell asleep and I’d never find her again. I decided I’d go to the bar have a few drinks and put them on my tab that I’ll never pay. That’ll show that crooked-toothed grinning bastard. I walked down to the bar; there was a patrol car there. I didn’t know they could drink on the job in Hawaii. I walked in and there was a man behind the bar looking rather disorientated while he was talking to the police officer in a low voice. I ordered a drink and figured it was the bastard’s day off, or maybe he works nights. I decided I’d come in later and drink the place out when the bastard’s on duty and run back to the main land.
I was having straight scotch when I noticed the police officer walking towards me. “Sir?”
“What is it officer?” I replied with a sense that I might be guilty of something.
“Did you see a thin Asian man working here last night? The bartender says he’s got crooked teeth. Anyways, him and his partner Ms. Mercedes Almendez have been pulling scams for years. If you could be any help?”
I had to think for a minute…I could tell help him and I might have a chance of getting my money back, or I could help him get nothing and have the bar and the hotel realize there’s no way I can pay.
“Actually officer I just got into town this morning, I’m relaxing from a long flight from Jersey.”
Damn I’m clever, don’t you think?
“Jersey huh? I heard it’s awful there, well thanks for your help have a nice day.”
“You too officer.”
I wanted to jump up and down and scream, this was supposed to be vacation. Oh well, the barkeep still don’t know I can’t pay.
“That’s too bad about that Henry fella, he drank himself to death after he fucked an angel, after he fucked perfection.”

Well, that’s what the books what have said, if I hadn’t scammed people my entire life. I knew it would come back around. I’m no a fool and I ain’t naďve. I knew her a few hours and she fucked my vacation up the ass. I can still taste her on my lips when ever I think of angels.
"Hey Barkeep, gimmie ine if thise...what'd you call'um...Adios Mother Fucker's."
He Handed me my drink. "Here you are sir, that'll be nine dollars."
"Oh I'll start a tab if that's alright, I'm going to be in town for awhile."
"Okay, your name?"
"Charles, Charles Hemmingway, can I ask you something Mr. Barkeep?"
"My name's Abraham, and yeah fire away."
"Do you believe in Angels?"
"Never really thought about it, but I guess not particularly."
"Yeah, Me 'neither," I sucked that liquor down with a satisfying grunt.
"To the Angels." I said as I raised my empty glass for a toast.
"Yeah, I guess." The Barkeep raised a can of Sprite.
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