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Faith for the Divine

I would sit in the seats. The seats were green, and made of cheap plastic like fabric. The seats weren't very comfortable. Other people sat in those seats too, lots of other people in fact. Some of those people were lonely, balding, un-attractive men wishing they had someone to hold onto, some of those people were children being held close by their parents for fear of inertia tearing their children away from them, some of those people were tall, slender, women with poorly formed personalities that checked pocket mirrors constantly to make sure their make-up was perfectly symetrical, some of those people were young like myself only they were blazed out of their minds or about to passout while clutching a bottle in a paper sack with more geniune love then the parents did their children. All of these people would sneak looks at each other, as if to pretend admiring is taboo. It was hard to sit on the green plastic seats comfortably. The seats got into the habit of sliding you around abit. I would look out of windows. Some of the windows woud be dirty, and smeared with grease from unwashed hair from teh person who sat in the seat before I did, some of the windows were scratched by some bored kid, usually that bored kid is "LERNS". Some people would read. Only older people would read. Perhaps only older people have the compacity to read now-a-days. The floor was always dirty. Napkins with blood, empty sports drink bottles and buss transfers were the most common things seen thrown about. Every now and then there would be a condom or an empty bottle of alchol or an empty dime-bag, but only if us people sitting in out plastic green seats were lucky. Some of these people liked to talk. Most people liked to listen, especially if they weren't being talked to. I didn't like to listen or talk. I lied, I liked to listen. Just not to people sitting in green plastic seats or people standing holding onto cold greasey metal bars. I liked to listen to the thud thud thud of Nude or The Chemical Brothers. I was always generous enough to make sure the music could be heard by the people sitting next to me. That way, they'd have no interest in wanting to talk to me. They would know I had no interest in listening. Out of all the different people they all have one thing in common, none of them want to be there. None of them accept me. I've grown to love those green plastic seats, and watching the rain drip down the greasey "LERNS" etched windows.
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