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The Kiss

“Beep, Beep!” I heard outside. I looked through my window to see who was honking. It was Allan. I ran downstairs to the front door and I grabbed my coat.
“Mom, I’ll be back later, okay,” I said.
“Okay, Abraham. But remember I don’t care how long you stay out, but you have to get up for Sunday mass tomorrow.” She said.
“I will,” I said. It was Saturday night, and my friends and I were going to a party. My mother trusted me going out and staying out late. And only if I agreed that I would be at Sunday mass the next morning.
“Mom, I’m leaving now. I’ll see you later,” I said to her.
“Okay Abraham. But remember about Sunday Mass,” she said.
“Alright. Bye-bye,” I said and I walked out of the door. I walked to Allan’s car. In the backseat, I saw David lighting a cigarette and beside him was James. I looked at James as he blew the smoke away from his face. He raised down the window and smelled some fresh air. I walked up to Allan’s window.
“What’s up Abe,” Allan said to me as we exchanged a handshake. “You ready, man?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I responded.
“Let’s go. Get in,” he said. I walked to the passenger side and got in the car. I heard James complaining to David about lighting his cigarettes in the car. Allan and I just looked at each other.
“Calm down guys, we’re going to party tonight. We are going to meet some girls and have some fun. We’re going to get all fucked up,” Allan said. And that was true, I wanted to have a good time tonight. Allan turned the ignition on and away we went. As we drove to the party, we all talked about what we’ve drunk and what we thought was the best beer or drink. Then we talked about girls. We all talked about whom we have been out with and how far we got with them or whom we slept with. I never actually slept with any girls yet. Everyone in that car knew I was a nineteen year old virgin. I was scared to take that step. There were so many controversies on having sex when you’re a teenager. Teachers taught us about incurable diseases or unexpected births. I didn’t want to be in one of those statistics. I was too young to be a father and I was too young to catch anything. I don’t know if it was just something that I was taught to do when I was younger or something that my parents believed in. I was a catholic, and my mother believed that a couple must be married before having sex. Both of my learning and my beliefs stopped me from having sex. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being with girls, and I loved making out with them, but sex scared me. Most kids are having sex when they are ten or eleven years old. I don’t understand how they are able to do that. I remember when I was that age, the only thing I was thinking of were video games and cartoons. Times have changed.
We finally arrived at the house of the party. It was a two-story bricked house.
“Whose house is this?” I asked.
“It’s Samantha Stevens,” David said. Samantha Stevens, I thought to myself. I remembered her; she sat in front of me in geometry class. She’s also very pretty. “It’s a nice house,” I said.
“Yeah, it is. I think she’s rich or something,” James said.
“Who got invited to this party?” I asked.
“Allan did. She said it would be alright to bring some friends along,” James said.
“It looks like everybody from high school is here,” Allan said.
“Yeah,” I replied. Allan parked and we got off the car. Allan looked at the mirror to check his hair. I looked at James as he checked his breath.
“Let’s go you guys,” David said. “I want to meet some girls,” he added.
“Hold on man,” Allan replied. He was still checking his hair. I thought it was fine. “There I’m finish,” he said as he stopped looking at the mirror. Then we all walked to the front door and Allan rang the doorbell. A girl answered the door. It was Samantha Stevens. Man, she looked great. She had long brown hair, pretty red lips, and great brown eyes to match. The outfit she wore fit perfect on her body. All of the guys and me looked at each other and smiled. She looked at us and spoke.
“Hello Allan. I see you brought your friends,” she said.
“Yeah. You look great tonight,” Allan said. He was trying to hit on her. She looked at him and smiled.
“Thanks,” she replied. And she liked it. Then James elbowed Allan on the stomach.
“Oh, uh, Samantha, this is James,” he said.
“Hi, nice to meet you,” she said as James and her exchanged a handshake.
“This is David,” Allan said as he pointed to David. “And this is Abraham,” he said as he pointed to me.
“Nice to meet all of you,” she said to us. Then she looked at me. “Don’t you sit behind me in geometry?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Cool. Well all of you all can come inside and enjoy yourself,” she said. Allan stepped in first.
“Mind if I join you?” Allan said to Samantha.
“Sure,” she said to him and smiled. They went walking off together with his arm around her. Maybe Allan would get lucky tonight. David, James, and I stopped for one moment as we stepped in. We looked around the room we were in. There were girls everywhere. There were girls and beer everywhere.
“First, I want some beer,” James said.
“Yeah me too,” David. “What about you, Abraham?” he asked. But I didn’t answer him. I looked around the room at the people passing by, then at the stairs, as the people walked up and down on them. And she got my eye. I felt as if no one else was there in that room. She was beautiful. She had long dark-black hair, gorgeous dark-black almond shape eyes, and a smile that could kill you. She had milky-white skin and a body to die for. She wore a white blouse with a black skirt. The black skirt was skintight. I could see every movement of her hips and thighs when she walked. Her legs looked great and her breast were perfect. She was in the category of an hourglass. She looked at me and smiled. The funny thing is that I didn’t recognize her. I knew she couldn’t be from around here. But that didn’t matter because I wanted to know who she was. I felt myself hypnotized, looking at her as she walked downstairs. She continued to look at me and smile. She seemed to glow as she came downstairs. Then I came out of it because of David. He slapped the back of my head.
“Ow, that hurts,” I said to him. “Why did you do that?” I asked.
“We were asking you a question, but you never answered. Who were you looking at?” he asked.
“Her,” I said as nodded my head toward the stairs, but she wasn’t there.
“What girl?” he asked.
“She’s not there anymore. I wondered where she went?” I said.
“I think you were dreaming. We’ll let’s go get some beer, David. We’ll leave Abe to find his dream girl,” James said. They went to the kitchen and I went to find the girl. I wanted to find her. It was just some crazy feeling I had. I felt a great sexual desire to be with her. I’ve had sexual feelings with other girls, but this girl made me feel that I had to be with her. Maybe she would be the one. Maybe we were meant to be soul mates. We’d have to see. I walked to the dinning room and I found Allan. He was sitting alone. I went to sit beside him.
“Where’s Samantha?” I asked.
“She went to get us some beer. Where’s David and James?” he asked.
“They went to get some beer also,” I said.
“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you talking to a chick?” he asked.
“Well, I saw this girl, and I looked away for one minute and then she was gone,” I said
“Is she fine?” Allan asked.
“Yeah. But I don’t recognize her. I have to meet her. Could you maybe give me some pointers?” I asked.
“Yeah. Now listen,” he said. Then he started talking, but I wasn’t listening. I looked at the doorway of the dining room and I saw her again. She was standing in the hall. She looked at me and smiled. She brought her right hand up and gave me the finger gesture to come and follow her. I did. I left Allan talking to himself. I didn’t know what he was saying anymore. When I got to the hallway, I couldn’t find her. She was gone again. But then, I looked at the stairs and I saw her. She was walking upstairs. Again, she stopped and gave me the gesture to follow her. I did. I wanted to be with her. I felt a desire for her. I followed her, but when I got upstairs, she wasn’t there. I looked around again for her and I saw her waiting in the doorway of the last room on the left. She looked at me and gave me the gesture to follow her inside that room. Then she giggled and walked inside.
“Wait, who are you?” I asked her, but she never answered.
I walked in the room, but I couldn’t find her. “Hello, are you here?” I asked. I heard a giggle in the bathroom and I knew it was her.
“I’m in the bathroom. I’ll be out in a minute,” she said.
“Okay, I’ll be waiting,” I said. I thought tonight was my night. Maybe she was my soul mate. Maybe she’s the one. I walked to dresser mirror of the room and I looked in the mirror. I made sure everything was all right. I made sure my hair was fixed, my breath smelled great, and I made sure my clothes looked all right. I also made sure I had a rubber. I always carried one. And tonight I was going to use it. I continued to look at the mirror again. Then someone startled me. Someone’s arms went around my chest but I didn’t see them coming. I turned around and I recognized who it was. It was the girl. I don’t understand why I didn’t see her coming from behind me as I looked at the mirror. I guess was too busy paying attention to my hair. She looked at me and kissed me.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Mira. I’ve been waiting for you Abraham.” She said.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I know a lot about you. And right now I want you” she said. She unbuttoned my shirt. I tried to stop her, but she looked at me. And with her eyes I wanted her to take off my shirt. So I let her. As she took off my shirt, she kissed me all over my chest. Her kisses felt cold, but they made me feel wonderful. I felt myself having an erection because I wanted her badly. Then she stopped kissing my chest. She stood in front of me. She unbuttoned her white blouse she wore. She grabbed my head and placed my face between her breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I took off her shirt and I stepped back for awhile and I looked at her breast. They were gorgeous. They were nice and firm. I touched them slowly and I continued to kiss them. I felt my erection below me. I wanted her right now. I wanted to be inside of her. I wanted to have sex with her. I went up to her neck and nibbled on it. I heard her moaning and groaning as I kissed her. Her hair smelled beautiful. I went back down to her breast again. I felt hot inside, yet, throughout the time I was kissing her, my lips were cold because of her body.
“I want you Mira. I want to make love to you,” I told her. I really wanted to.
“Do you want me right now, Abraham?” she asked.
“Yes, I do,” I said.
“Let me see if you are ready,” she said. Then she put her left hand into my pants. She grabbed a hold of my groin area. She looked at me and smiled. She felt how erected I was. “You are ready, Abraham,” she said. She placed my hands on her breast. Then she slid my hands under her skirt. I felt that she was naked below. She laid on her back and I slipped off her skirt. She laid there in front of me with her beautiful naked body. She was very gorgeous. I deeply wanted to be inside of her. I took off my pants and I got on top of her. We kissed for awhile, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.
“Get inside of me, Abraham. Put it inside. I want it right now,” she said. I placed myself in side of her. I wanted to put on the condom, but for some reason, I didn’t care about it. There was something about her eyes that made me not care about anything. I didn’t care about my parents’ beliefs, I didn’t care about what I learned in school, about diseases or unexpected births. I just wanted to have sex with Mira. She placed her right hand against my chest. She pushed me off and I fell on my back. She was stronger than I thought. I laid there lying with a question in my head. I wondered why she stopped me. “I want to be on top,” she said. She then got on top of me. She put me inside of her and moved up and down. It felt good. My friend always told me how great it felt. I looked at her face as she moved up and down. I heard her moan and groan. I looked at her breast and I wanted to touch them, but she grabbed my hands. She grabbed them by the wrist and she held them against the bed. I tried to move my hands, but she didn’t let them go. She was very strong. But I didn’t care. I didn’t have to touch her breast. She made feel great inside. As she kept moving up and down on me, she started kissing on my chest. She went up to my neck. I could feel myself ready to explode inside of her. I guess she was too, because she moved faster.
“Oh Mira,” I said. She continued to kiss me on my neck and then up to my lips. We kissed and she then nibbled down to my neck again. She started sucking on my neck on the right side. I hate hickeys and I never let girls leave me any marks, but at that point, I didn’t care what she wanted to do to me. I was feeling good and I was ready to explode. This whole sex thing felt great. I didn’t even care if I exploded inside of her. I knew that if I did, she may become pregnant, but for some reason I didn’t care. She moved faster, she sucked faster and harder. She sucked me so hard, that my neck stung, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything. My whole body felt good. As I was reaching my climax, my head started spinning. Is sex supposed to make you feel this way, I thought to myself? My friends never told me, it was this weird. Everything in my mind that I thought about, mixed. I thought about what I learned at school, what my parents’ beliefs were, and I thought about my friends. I thought about Mira and the first time I saw her. I was feeling great. But then I became drowsy. What was happening to me? I looked at Mira one last time. She stopped kissing on my neck and looked at me. She was still beautiful. I loved her. Her gorgeous dark-black eyes, her long-black beautiful hair and her blood red lips. Then she kissed me and I blacked out.
The next day, when I woke up, I was already in my bedroom.
“Abraham, hurry up. We’re going to be late. Remember, you said you would go to Sunday Mass,” It was my mother. I don’t know how the hell I got home and I don’t know what the hell happened last night. I closed my eyes for awhile and I thought about it, but I couldn’t remember anything.
“Hurry up, Abraham,” my mother said. I got out of bed and when I did, my head hurt. I had a bad hangover. I closed the curtains in my room. The sunlight was giving a bad headache and it hurt my eyes. I put on some clothing, my shades, and I walked downstairs. My mother looked at me.
“You look like shit. Couldn’t you just take a bath or something?” she asked.
“Mom, let’s just go,” I said. I didn’t feel so good. I didn’t fell like talking to anyone. As I walked outside, my body felt very hot. My face started sweating. I walked into the car and sat down quickly. When my mother got in she looked at me weird.
“What’s wrong. Are you sick? You look kind of pale,” she said.
“No, I just partied to hard last night,” I said.
“Okay.” She said and we drove to the Church.
When we arrived there, I didn’t fell like getting off. My body felt worse then before. But I had to go to Sunday Mass. I told my mother I would, especially if I stayed out late. We walked into the church. My mother was in front of me and I just followed her. In the doorway, I dipped my finger into the holy water. It stung my finger and as I did the sign-of-the-cross on my face, the water stung my forehead.
“Ow, “ I said. My mother heard me. She looked at me.
“What’s wrong now?” she asked.
“Nothing,” I said. We walked into the church and we sat in the front. As the priest said his sermon, I felt even worse then before. My body overheated, my body continued sweating and my finger still stung. My stomach felt gushing inside and I wanted to vomit. It tried to stay sitting down, but I wanted to get out of that Church. I didn’t feel comfortable there. And at the same time I felt very sleepy.
“I’m sorry, mom, but I got to get out of here,” I said to her. I grabbed the keys from her and I ran out. As I walked into the outside, the sun burned my skin. I looked at my hands and I saw the skin bubble. My entire body felt as if I was in an oven. I ran into the car and took off home.
I don’t know what happened last night, and I don’t know how I got home. But now I have something. I hope it’s not a disease. I remember Mira and I remember her kiss.
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