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Silently, she bent over her work, her hand moving feverishly over the paper.
Several lines stretched over across the paper, adding demension and depth
to her drawing. Crystal blue eyes focus inquisitively on a misfit of a line. Flipping
her pencil over, she scratches the eraser over the paper, blowing the eraser dust away with
a soft sigh. Looking up, she cranes her head, brushing her long black hair away from her face.
On a single chain dangling around her neck, in neon colors and bubble letters, the letters "S & C"
are printed. Standing up, she shoves her paper in her binder as the bell rings, hurriedly
snapping it shut and sliding inside her bag with 5 other binders like it.
Flipping her wrist over, she checks the time and hurries towards the school doors, pushing through
them with a Jean clad hip. Dodging the crowd, she hurries past a row oF hedges and makes her way
over a half fence, trotting across the lawn. A smile breaks out on her slender face as she fingers her car,
grinning at the lolling tongue and droopy whiskers of the Saint Bernard within.

"Dixie!" She exclaimed fondly, unlocking the door and pushing the big brown dog backwards.
Obediently, the dog sat back in the passenger seat, allowing Sonya time to get settled. Scratching
the big dog's head, Sonya grinned, buckling her seat belt and starting the engine of the extended cab
Dodge. Pointing to the extended part of the cab, she snapped her fingers. "Back, Dixie!" She ordered, brushing dog hair off of her
blue jeans and white blouse. As the dog settled in the back, she put it in reverse and eased out of the parking spot. Slamming
on the brakes suddenly, a mangled curse slipped out of her mouth as she was thrown forward, onto the horn.
Scrambling backwards, she yanked her belt off, jumping out of the cab and slamming the
door behind her.
"What the hell are you thinking, are you nuts?" She gasped, kneeling beside the fallen
figure and his bike. Eyes roaming over him, she looked for any major injuries, and finding none offered her hand
lifting him to his feet. "You OK?" She asked quietly, picking his partially crushed bike up. Dixie howeled, distraught,
in the cab of the truck.
"Uh, yeah, I'm fine." The boy fidgeted quietly, clearing his throat. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya'll." He scuffed his foot against the
pavement, slightly reddish hair glinting in the afternoon light. Sonya smiled.

"Nah, I think I scared you more...that's a re-a-lly big truck to be coming after you like that." She offered her hand.
"Sonya-Marie Gallenstan. You don't seem to be hurt - so could I give you a ride home? Your bike looks pretty trashed - and I swear I'll pay for it."
She bit her lip worriedly, silencing her dog with a wave of her hand. She chuckled to herself as the boy looked up into the cab of the truck.
"Uh, well, yeah, I guess. Thanks." He muttered shyly, clearing his throat again.
He graced her with a small smile. "Richie, Richie Masters. And no need to pay for my bike, its, uh, old anyway."
He shrugged his backpack off and tossed it into the back of the truck, helping Sonya lift the ten-speed into the bed. Shutting the tailgate,
Sonya smiled to herself and went around to the doors once again, ordering Dixie into the back.
Stricken by an odd thought, Sonya hesitated, glancing over at the boy. Shaking her head clear, she turned the key, igniting the warm engine.
With a cough and a sputter, it turned over, firing up with defeaning precision. Backing out of the parking place again, she turned onto the paved road towards
"So where do you live?" She asked quietly, concentrating on the road. Changing lanes to avoid slower traffic, she glanced back over at him.
"Uh, well I'm on Pleasant Valley Road. Another couple exits." He replied just as quietly, eyes on the window in front of him. Hiding a smile,
she turned back to the road, signaling and getting over again to take the off ramp. Coasting down it, she paused at the stop sign. "Left or Right?" She asked.
"Left." He said, pointing. She followed his finger and turned, heading onto a small surface street outside of the outskirts of town. "Here?" She asked, pulling
to a stop in front of a small two story white house. Nodding, he jumped out of the truck, shutting the door on Dixie's face. The dog snorted, disgruntled.
Giggling at her dog, Sonya jumped out to help him with his bag and bike.
Walking him up to the front porch, she offered her hand again. "Well it was a pleasure to drive you home, Richie. I'm very sorry
about your bike, if you want I could pay for it to be repaired or just buy you a new one...which ever." She smiled softly, looking backtowards the truck and the distorted
face of a jealous Dixie.

"No, its OK. I'm fine, thanks. It was nice meeting you Sonya." With that he turned and walked into the house, shutting the door. Sonya stood on the porch a second,
pondering the whirlwind of thoughts in her mind. Setting off down the walk, she opened the truck door, grabbing her binder. Pulling out the sheet of paper she'd been working on in class, she studied it carefully.

In the picture, the boy with reddish brown hair stood leaning against the bumper of her Dodge, smiling shyly.

Looking back up at the house Richie disappeared into, Sonya shivered and put the picture away, jumping back up into the truck and shutting the door to drive home.
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