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Primordial Compassion

The pouncing lion did not understand the implications of him holding the spear and pointing at it. A few moments later he was busy slicing its meat.

She felt safe in his company. He was a strong man and took good care her and she never had to worry about food when she was with him.

Here stomach had grown bigger these days and she was a little worried, as she had seen other woman whose stomach grew big like hers before they gave birth to babies. She realized it was her turn to get a baby but she did not know when.

He found a secure cave for her to stay and brought food and water everyday as she rarely ventured outside the cave.

And then he did not come to see her for two continuous days. She had also run out of food and water. Thirst unbearable and worried about him, she decided to walk upto the nearby stream.

Pain shot across her body as she came out and crawled towards the stream and almost fainted by the she reached. But the water that flowed gently and the setting sun that reflected in it ,made her feel better. As she bent down to drink water, something hindered her feet and she looked down.

It was his body.

The lion had badly mauled him and there was a gapping hole in his stomach. For some reason it had not eaten him.

A strange emotion, which she had never felt before, came upon her. Twice she gave out a guttural scream. Pain and thirst did not matter more than the heaviness in her heart as she slowly dragged his body towards the cave.

The sun had set beyond the stretching plains and the gentle drizzle moistened the rocks that led to the cave. Walking through those slippery rocks became the most difficult journey of her life and by the time she reached the cave, the pain in her stomach became unbearable. Rain gained momentum as she pulled his body inside the cave. After that she realized there was nothing she could do and just collapsed on the ground. It was her time to get a baby.

The loud roar that she heard at that moment made her heart skip a beat!

She froze when she realized that the roar came from within a corner of that huge cave. She keenly looked in that direction and what initially seemed to a black form was now clearly visible as a huge lioness. The lioness roared and roared again but it did not get up. It seemed to be in pain too. After that the sound of two souls screaming in pain echoed horrendously across the walls of that cave and the rain poured relentlessly outside the cave.

The screams and the rain ceased together after a while and in that deadly silence, only the crying of a baby was to be heard even as she lay still on the ground. Then she remembered the beast and slowly came up on her knees. But the lioness did not move as it was dead already. Two of its cubs were also dead and one was alive.

She realized that it was this cubís mother that has killed him. The lioness was dead now. But it had left behind its legacy. The cub was scratching at it dead motherís belly. She crawled towards the cub and lifted it up and held it close to her bosom and started feeding it.

Thousands of years before man had, learnt to talk, he had Ö She had felt compassion.

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