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Working Mothers

Working mothers are in a class of their own.
Maintaining a house and paying off a loan.

Schedules to follow, deadlines to be met.
Doing it all to keep out of debt.

Children and bosses all demanding your time.
Type this ASAP! Please just one more nursery rhyme?

Driving to the sitter, practice and school.
Your new black suit is covered in drool.

Diapers to change, clothes to mend,
buttons to sew, meetings to attend.

Doctors, dentist, teacher visits galore,
ballet lessons, soccer games and you work until four!

Your desk is cluttered with pictures of the kids.
At home your cabinets are filled with sippy cup lids.

Scratches, bruises, cuts to heal,
lately mom’s cooking is a Happy Meal ®.

Boos-boos to kiss, big hugs goodnight,
to scare away monsters, we’ll leave on the light.

There are dishes to be washed, laundry to be done,
put them aside and have some fun.

When Friday comes and your work week ends,
visit grandparents, neighbors and friends.

Go to the library, park or zoo,
you will surely meet other moms just like you.

Read to your children, teach them right from wrong,
play with them, dance with them, sing their favorite song.

Children need love, discipline and praise.
(The boss needs to be reminded of that well-deserved raise.)

Enjoy your children now for jobs come and go.
One day they’re babies and the next you’ll know.

They’re off on their own thinking fondly of the past,
trying to make all their memories last.

The rewards are grand and it is so much fun
to see your son hit his first home run,

Seeing your daughter in a pink tu-tu,
hearing those words "I love you."

When is your job done? - Never they say,
Thank goodness! This working mom would dread that day!

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