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Nicky's Visitor (The full story)

It is believed that before a witch dies she passes all her power to her grandchild (more preferred a boy than a girl), once she (or he) has the power she should pass it on to the next generation. And so on passes the witchcraft from generation to generation.

They were standing next to the wasp’s nest. The nest seemed kind of quiet and not many wasps were flying around.
“When I say ‘go’ we’ll run until we get out of the garden. Alright?” Asked Nicky. Tommy and Jake nodded. All of the boys were about the same age, they were about nine. They were troublemakers; they couldn’t stay on one place.
“ Get Ready!” Nicky Said out loudly. He was holding a stick in his hand; he was getting ready to throw the stick a the wasp’s nest.
“Get set!” He yelled out. He was sweating like a pig, sweating of excitement mostly “Go!” He yelled out throwing the and running to catch up with his friends. At first he wasn’t sure if the stick he threw hit the nest but once he herd the irritating buzz of the wasps he was sure he hit it.
They were almost out of the garden, Nicky was in the lead, and his friends were dragging behind him. As they were running the buzz was getting quieter every step they took. Now he was running not because he thought the wasps would get him, no the wasps were way behind him, he was only running because he liked to.
“Nice one!” He heard his friends say behind him as he stepped out of the garden.
He turned around, he saw his mother. She looked pretty angry.
“Nicolas, just look at your new pants!” His mother yelled at him. He felt a long lecture coming on.
“Just look at them! You look like a pig!” Said his mother. To him they weren’t that dirty. His mother continued, ” Go home and change before Granny-Ann comes.”
Nick was surprised no lecture. He walked into the building they lived in. They lived in a small apartment, Nicky didn’t mind, he didn’t think of it as small he thought of it as cozy.
Nicky wasn’t so excited about his grandmother’s arrival. She was his father’s mother; she came to visit his father’s grave. His father passed away two months ago.

About five o’clock there was a phone call, in was Granny Ann. His mother picked up the phone, and then was out to the airport.
Half an hour later she came back. Nicky opened the door and there was Granny Ann, an old lady with a cane in her right hand.
The first thing he noticed is her age, the old woman looked no younger than ninety-years-old, Nicky expected her to be much younger than she was. The second thing that Nicky noticed was the was the old woman’s breathing heavily; it was like a sound of an old steam train.
After the old woman came in she smiled at Nicky.
“And who in this handsome young man?” Asked the old woman. Her voice was so deep it almost scared him.
“You must be Nicolas.” She said. But the boy was silent paying very little attention to his grandmother. The object he gave all of his attention to was her talisman, the talisman looked creepy yet very familiar.
“Nick!” He felt his mother push him. “Meet your grandmother.”
“H-hi” Said Nick in a stuttering voice.
The day passed. Nicky was lying in his bed thinking about his new grandmother, why didn’t she come before. Why now? And what’s with the weird stone talisman. After thinking about his new visitor; he fell asleep.
He woke up, it was still dark he looked at his alarm clock it was still only five AM. He walked downstairs for a glass of milk. He listened the silence was interrupted; whispering came from his grandmother’s bedroom. He came closer to the bedroom as he walked he herd the whisperings louder and clearer.
The door was slightly open but Nicky didn’t dare to go in, he was far too frightened. The sounds were his grandmother’s whispering but he couldn’t understand what she was saying. It was a different language, a language he never seen before.
Then the whispering stopped. It was silent for a couple of minuets. Suddenly he heard footsteps; his grandmother was coming out of the bedroom. As soon as Nicolas heard the footsteps he rushed off to his bedroom as fast as he could.

Two days passed since the old woman’s arrival and Nicky was more and more frightened of the old lady. Every night he hard those whisperings and the talisman now scared him, it was just something about the talisman. And once he decided to go and check the old woman’s bedroom while she was out walking in the garden (it was an every day routine for his grandmother).
At first the room looked fine to Nicolas at first. Then he noticed an old luggage bag. He opened it; there was clothing, pictures in little frames, and this little stone figure. The figure looked scary to him, it was a man, with horns, long ears, and strange shaped eyes just like the old woman’s talisman had in the middle. He took the figure out and closed the bag.
Later that afternoon he showed the figure to his friends and asked any of them if they ever seen it.
Mark (who was about three years older than all of them) said.
“I know what this is.”
“What?” Curiously asked Nick.
“It’s a figure of Satan.” He told Nick.
“My grandmother is the Devil?” Asked Nicky.
“No, she’s a witch.” Said Mark. “ Just like you told me the talisman; the star in a circle and the eyes in the middle. I read in a book that witches wore it in the five hundred years ago.”
“No way!” Replied Nicolas.
“And you know what else I read?” Said Mark. “I read that before death they transfer their power to their grandchild.”

A week passed Nicolas’ grandmother became very sick and for the last few days she was lying in bed.
It was five o’clock a.m. Nicolas woke up. He herd horrible screaming, it was coming from his grandmother’s room.
He came in the room him mother was standing next to his grandmother’s bed. He looked at his grandmother, her face was all read, she was sweating like he never seen anybody sweat. But one thing he would never forget – her eyes were glowing with fire.
His mother looked as frightened as the boy was. She also looked confused in panic, she didn’t know if she should call 911 of help her now, or grab Nicky and run.
Suddenly the screaming stopped, and the old lady spoke.
“Give me the boy!” She said in a loud, deep voice. Nicky’s mother never heard a voice like that before, but she knew one thing –she should keep the boy as close to herself as possible. She took her son’s hand and pulled it to her as fast as she could.
“Give him to me,” She screamed. “I need to give it to him, he need’s to have it!”
Nick’s mother had no idea what the old lady was saying. Then she pulled her son out of the room and locked the bedroom door behind her.
Behind her she herd. “Alright leave, but I’ll make sure your live will be a curse. You’re cursed! Both of you!”
The boy’s mother did not pay attention; she picked up the phone and called for an ambulance.
Fifteen minuets later the ambulance arrived but they only found ashes on the bed.

Two nights after the old lady died Nicky woke up, opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes he saw dead grandmother standing next to his bed.
Nicky and his mother never aged and never died. Both of them seen the old lady every night, haunting them, laughing. After waking up they herd the deep, horrible scream of the old lady the scream that will never stop. Nicky and his mother live forever, as their curse hangs over their heads.

The End
P.S.- this IS a partly based on a TRUE STORY. It happened in Russia 30 yoars ago.

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