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The Invention

"What are you talking about? I had it working just ten minutes ago." Trevor was outraged that his equipment would fail, that soon after an inspection.
"Well...Trevor. It is not working now. So maybe between now and before, one of the transitors got fried?" Ian was standing beside Trevor, examing the electrical device lying before them upon the counter. From the looks of the device it seem to be some sort of motor, or converter. Ian himself wasn't sure exactly what the contraption that Trevor built did, but Trevor had an absolute assurity of the excitment of the invention.
Ian caught himself nevously spining a loose bar (attached to on of the several motors) on the invention. "Okay, Trevor, one more time for records sake, what did it do? " Ian said with doubt taken a look at the invention. Thinking it was nothing but a plithera of part soldered together at random.
"Well, when I turned it on I did not really expect it to do anything, Ian. All I was doing was making something that looked like a cool device, but do nothing but spin these rods. Then, when I turned it on, all the lights in my house had gone out, yet the machine was still operating." Trevor gave Ian a guilty look, while rapidly rubbing his sweaty hands together. He took a deep breath and prepared to tell Ian what he saw happen. " I really don't know Ian. It might emit a certain frequency that puts a human being to sleep? Because the experince that I had when I turned it on sure felt like a dream. I had walked in with the last motor for the display." Trevor moved over to the doorway to help him retrace his steps. He had his hand clinched as if he were holding something like a bulldog. "After I sat down and soldered this last motor in, I cleaned up the table to make sure that there was no cluter and to double check all of my soldering joints." Ian took a step back away from Trevor's desk, as Trevor pulled his chair and sat down. He scooted it in and loomed over the busted device.
"Ian, I swear to you right now. That everything that I am telling you is the absolute truth. I have no reason to give you a falacy. I turned it on," Trevor fliped the switch on the lifeless machine, "and turned up the voltage on the power supply to create a better effect on the motors. And...oh my gosh that is it, I need a new power supply!" Trevor stood up from the chair almost shouting. "All that happened is that this had built a reverse electrical field and it fried the power supply. Don't worry Ian, I'll show you what happend, that is so much more better than telling you what happend, and then at that you won't be able to not believe me."
Trevor and Ian had decided to talk the rest of the night through(all the availble places to buy sufficient power supplies had been closed).
When Ian had showed up at Trevor's house the next morning. Trevor was in his workroom working on the invention of his. "Oh..Ian! Are you ready to see this? I fixed it so that the power supply will not be affected by the reverse electrical field. This is going to blow your mind!" Ian stood silent staring at the device. It seemed to Ian that Trevor's arm was moving in slow motion as he moved it to turn on the device.
Ian was confused all that happend to the room was the light flickerd off then on for about two seconds. "So, um...Trevor?" Ian rubed his finger underneath his nose. "That is real interesting Trevor but I really have other things to do." Ian turned to the door, and that is when he had caught on. The door was...shaking.
"Ha, ha, look at it Ian!"
"Trevor what does that thing do?"
"I told you I'd show you"
"So, did I."
"Me too."
"Don't forget about me."
Ian turned to Trevor and then back to the door in shock. The room was now full of Trevors. He then once again turned to Trevor and looked at him in horror. "What is this?"
"I can't say it enough Ian, see for yourself." Trevor pulled a mirror out of his pocket.
Ian's knees at this point in time decided to stop funtioning. He tried not to think of himself as...Trevor..this annoying friend always....Trevor like Trevor. Me is Trevor. "Don't worry, I'll show you."
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