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The British Roulette

The night was young; still, the flashing lights of the bombs were still visible from the German bombers. Charles stepped onto the stoop of his house when he heard a familiar voice, “Hello Charlie.”
Charles attempt to ignore it would be in vain, he turned to see Richard standing next to the dustpale.
“I’m tired, I can’t play your games tonight,” he told him, but he responded in a laugh.
“Charlie, you spend too much time down at the office, come with me,” he walked towards the alley by my house.
Charles had no idea what he was up to, but he was terrified. He was always terrified of Richard; he lost control of his mind and let his instincts control him. So, he followed, he did not sweat a drop because he had been in situations like this. Once lead to him being thrown off a huge building, and to his misfortune, he survived.
“Come Charles, we are missing the game,” Richard said.
He walked down the alley with him, at that time; His heart was beating so fast it hurt. His arm began shaking uncontrollably, he lost it, he lost control of his body, and it was in the hands of Richard now.
They came to the trash pickup area of the back of the alley. Two men were standing infront of a barrel with a revolver on it. They greeted Richard looking straight at Charles, he was terrified. Richard walked to the barrel, Charles followed.
“What’s wrong Charlie? You don’t like our little game?” Richard asked him.
“I can’t,” Charles said.
The two men looked each other and laughed.
“Comon Richard, we don’t have time for this,” one of the men said.
“Ok, lets begin, Charles won’t get in our way,” Richard said.
“Yeah, Charles…” the other man said picking up the gun.
Charles stood terrified; his life was in a 1/6th chance, if Richard did this, he did. The man held the revolver barrel to his head and pulled the trigger. It snapped back, not sending a bullet into his head. He smiled and slid the revolver to Richard, then put down 600 pounds. Richard smiled and spun the chamber. I bit my bottom lip waiting for Richard to attempt to cheat life. He put the barrel to his head and pulled the trigger. I felt a spray hit my face and heard a very loud bang. He jumped back and watched my friend fall. I began shaking uncontrollably; his blood was on my face. The men walked over to him and searched him for money. Charles began loosing my sight, he felt very strange. he put his hand on the back of his head and felt the hole.
“Help,” Charles said weakly, but the men didn’t hear him. Charles walked to the men, but they walked away. Richard put his head up, “Charles…” Richard said, and before Charles knew what happened, he was laying on the ground with the bullet in him. Richard stood smiling down at him.
“Why Richard? Who are you?” Charles said.
“Who do you think I am?”
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