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The Rainbow

Oh how I'd love
to be a pro
just like great

I'd sketch things
in a brand new light,
draw angels
perfectly in flight

Just like Van Gogh
I'd paint the stars;
find beauty in
old prison bars.

But wait, for while
I'm dreaming here
I see a pretty
vision near.

A hint of rain
A ray of light
"A rainbow's formed!"
To my delight.

Its seven colors
shining through
"Dear Me," I gasp
"Who painted you?"

"The greatest painter
of them all!
Do you know Him?"
"I can't recall."

"I'll tell you child,"
The rainbow said
and off she flew
onto my bed!

I was agog
I felt quite weak,
but calmed once she
began to speak:

"He dips his paintbrush
in the sea
and makes the clouds
so carefully.

"He sends them flying
through the skies"
"Like grazing sheep!"
I do surmise.

"He squeezes them
and out comes rain?"
She laughed and
started to explain.

"Then when," she said,
the rain was fine
He adds a dash
of warm sunshine."

"And then you come
to be! I know,
because my daddy
told me so.

"But what's His finest
piece? Do tell,
before you bid me
your farewell"

"Now let me think
your question through
Aha! It is not what
but who

"For though he made
the night and day
and me in all
my colors gay;

"The sunrise and
the sunset too,
we pale when we're
compared to you."
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