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I had left Port Angeles for Seattle. No job prospects and no place to live except in my car. I had been on the brink of despair before but now I had reached the end of my rope. No moey and no hope I contemplated committing suicide but fate intervened. While having a cup of coffee in a mom and pop restaurant in downtown Seattle I came across an ad in the Seattle Times for a live-in aide for a male adult who has Multiple Sclerosis. I answered the ad immediately. Sammy sounde nice on the phone even though I could barely understand him. When we met we liked eachother immediately. The guy who was living with Sammy was lazy and rude to Sammy and I felt immediate resentment toward him. Ray was ignorant and sullen and we disliked eachother at first sight. Sammy wanted Ray gone now, but he said Ray could stay until he found a new live-in aide. Sammy and I talked for hours and I knew we clicked. Soon Ray was gone and I was Sammy's aide. We were both in our mid-thirties and had rough childhoods. For the first few weeks we got along marvelously. Then strange things began to happen. At first I dismissed these strange occurances to my own lack of memory. Sammy could not have done them since he was unable to move from his wheelchair. Sammy began to sit alone in the dark in his wheelchair and say words about the devil and demons that troubled me more and more as I found Sammy getting more hostile towards me. When I asked him what was the matter he gave me a look that burned my eyes. I found my clothes on the floor in other rooms and Sammy had no explanation for it except a smile that sent shivers through my entire body. I got to be afraid of Sammy and he sensed it. He would sneak up behind me in his wheelchair and bump me and say sooo sorrrrry Jack. His eyes seemed to glow a dark green. This got worse when I had Janet over. I met Janet at park I went jogging in when I wasn't taking care of Sammy. I was making dinner for Janet and Sammy came in the kitchen with a knife in his hand, the hand he said he could not move and I never saw him move it until now. Janet screamed like she saw death as Sammy rose from his wheelchair and stabbed her in the chest. I vomited on the floor at the sight of Janetas she gurgled a death gurgle from her own blood that she was swallowing. I grabbed the knife from Sammy and shoved him to the floor where he laid still until the police arrived. I tried to explain to the detective that it had been Sammy who had stabbed Janet and not me. Detective Burgess did not believe me nor did a jury when I was convicted of murdering Janet. The jury concluded that there was no possible way that Sammy could have murdered Janet since he had been unable to walk for nine years. Now it is getting close to my execution date and all my efforts to convince the court of my innocense has failed. Last I heard from my attorney is that Sammy has a new live-in aide. I got a letter from Sammy the other day. He told me his new aide is working out fine. There is only one problem the aide says she saw Sammy get up out of his wheelchair one night and fly around the house laughing and holding a knife in the hand he said he can't use..ns
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