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the prom qween curse

AM:i wrote this stoy and i think i was not the one ho made it so if you hered this story before Email me or tx me at (801)-634 3640
ok thaks if you like it you can tx me to so here you go PROME QWEEN CURSE

milisa howies is a lovly 15 year old girl.with long blond hair with purple strikes,and dark brown eys One day she was out for a dress for her
Hi school prome. she didn't have alot of money .but she did have some to rent one. as she past a store she saw a butiful silk whit dress that
had a dimond necless that came with it . she loved it so she went to see how much it was to rent it. as she aproct the conter she notest a creapy
old lady standing there the creepy lady . she let Milisa have the dess the next night at milisa prowm she felt disy so she desided to leave.just
as she was going to walk out the door they anonts Her as prom Qween as she aprock the stage she told her addens that she was so happy that they
voted her as there prom Qween of 2002 as she was about to end her sentece she fell lifeless on the flore .

AM the reasn y she fell dead is becouse the dress was pushing agenst he ribs it cut off her blood and Killed her

More:6 Mount h latter they fond out theat the dress belonged ho emily howies her cousin ho died in the same dress on her prowm shen she was elecrod
Qween her last words were I am so happy to b.... .the creepy old lady was emily secing her reveng on her family...
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