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The mirror


The Mirror

Sad wet raindrops tickle my forehead during the night. It’s summer, you would expect it to always be sunny and warm and people going to the beach to cool off, well, this holiday was different. Everyone was inside, nothing like last year. Last year even when there was rain people would be leaving to go to the beach.

The world is slowly dying, becoming lonelier and lonelier after every year passes. The sky during the summer used to be bright and smiling with joy. Now it is grey and crying, I would be grey and crying too if nobody came outside to talk to me anymore.

But I still visit the rain, I do. Every day I see a person sitting on the beach alone, their hair waving perfectly in the wind. When I try to go see them, they disappear, like they were just air that you should not be able to see. From what I’ve been able to see the girl has short brown to black hair, I cannot describe her anymore, I wish I could.

I feel as if ever since my mum died, I look at other kids, around 7 years old walking with their parents and it makes me upset, I never got to say goodbye. My father never cared for me, he always just was too busy typing, typing, typing. He never cared if something good happened to me, he left me and mum for a new family, hopefully he cares about his new children more than he cared for me.

*Ding Dong* went the doorbell. My mirror must be here, took it long enough. I go open the door, it is a mirror alright. But it was shaped so perfectly to look like me, it copies what I say, follows me around, and its like a twin in a different way. I am finally not lonely anymore, I have a friend, even if I am my only friend, I can’t be mad.

I decided I’m old enough to get a job, especially since I have to pay for two people now.

I finally got into a job after what felt like years of trying. I was dying of hunger and thirst. My twin has also been hassling me for food, but whenever I offer it bread, it declines my offer, so I start ignoring it because of it nagging for food then not taking all that I can offer.

My mirror has not been copying me lately, maybe it is a real person or maybe it’s just upset at me, but how can a mirror have feelings? I try talking to the mirror. It does not reply, strange. Then it slowly opens its mouth, but words do not come out, a person does. The person from the beach.

*Ding Dong* I go answer the door, it's my mirror.





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